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June Astrology Through Dates: Busy Skies Full Of Cosmic Events

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by Conscious Reminder

The month of June 2021 will have several major cosmic alignments as we are in the Eclipse Season.

This year was racing forward yet now it will feel like the Universe demands us to stay calm and focus on the truly important things. The Eclipse Season always signifies change and chaos. So, slowing down our energy will be a relief. It will help us in transitioning and acquiring clarity.

Saturn square Uranus will again drive up our energy and we will experience opposing notions. Super Full Moon in Capricorn will bring the magic with strong intuition. Hence, be prepared to face June 2021.

Venus Enters Cancer-2nd June

Venus will arrive in Cancer, making us extra sensitive and emotionally aware. We must expand our boundaries and express ourselves freely.

Mars Opposite Pluto-5th June

This configuration will uncover several stories and events from last year. Mars-Pluto energy is certain to teach us important lessons and we must take note of anything that stands out. However, past events will not be repeated but will remind us to reflect and re-think significant actions in order for us to comprehend and progress.

Solar Eclipse New Moon In Gemini-10th June

This is both the sister and final Eclipse after the previous Blood Moon that took place on 26th May. It represents new opportunities and beginnings since we will be offered all the things needed for our growth. Since our path was cleared by the Blood Moon, we must only look forward and capitalize on the chances. Better things lie ahead of us and we must be patient for Eclipse energy to lead the way.

Mars Arrive At Leo-11th June

Mars will soon arrive in Leo and usher in powerful energy. This planetary configuration is definitely a positive boost, particularly because we have been feeling lethargic due to the Eclipse energy.

Sun Square Neptune-13th June

We have been suffering from a lack of information mainly owing to the foggy days. This is limiting or restricting our growth. We might also face confusion in decision-making because of Mercury going into retrograde. This is the ideal time to pause and listen to our instinct to obtain clarity.

Saturn Rx Square Uranus-14th June

This is one of the most important and rare astrological events. Saturn is presently in retrograde that demands taking responsibility and ownership for our own actions. The energy will become intense as Saturn squares Uranus. Moreover, we will be motivated to break through some boundaries or obstacles to achieve true liberation and authenticity.

Jupiter Goes In Retrograde-20th June

We would also see Jupiter going into retrograde. The cosmic energy makes us slow down, which requires us to retrace our actions before we move forward. Many ancients consider that retrogrades signify a time of delving into the underworld.

Sun Enters Cancer-20th/21st June

This Solstice allows us access to subtle energies. We can eventually spend time with nature and practice self-love.

Mercury Moves Direct-22nd June

After retrograde, mercury moves direct, encouraging us to practice patience. We will attain clarity to deal with issues and mishaps in a better manner.

Super Full Moon-24th June

This time is not so intense like Eclipses yet this energy will feel a bit scattered. We might struggle with understanding the recent incidents so we must indulge in self-care. This energy will also make us feel grounded.

Neptune Retrograde-25th June

This is an annual retrograde of Neptune that creates illusions and takes us towards higher realms. We may also find ourselves breaking away from illusions and our intuition becoming more active. The veil will be lifted, motivating us towards better understanding.

Venus Arrives In Leo-26th June

This cosmic alignment will motivate us to embrace our true feelings and feel beautiful from within. This alignment will be accompanied by positive feelings.

Swan Song

The month of June 2021 will act as a mixed bag. However, we must move with the flow and catch the rhythm of the Universe to reach a better place.

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