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Who Are The Sirians, The People From The Blue Star?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The ones who have originated from the Sirius planet have a distinguishing characteristic of being very intensive and strong minded.

They adhere to the direction they decide to move in at a particular span of time in their life.

Once they believe in something, first, it is not easy to change their minds and second, if they do, they stick to the new direction they take and follow it relentlessly leaving behind the previous one. Sirians are principled, disciplined and virtuous.

When it comes to being a friend, they are the best anyone could have. Loyalty and honestly is what they offer in a relationship and expect in return.

They are great at hiding their emotions and dealing with them. But if they do open up to you that means you have been thoroughly examined by them.

By bringing a certain level of respect and understanding on the table, they raise the bar for the acceptance and if their expectations are not met problems occur due to misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Sirians are pragmatic beings. While they plan their future responsibly, they tend to avoid sentiments from the past. The unresolved issues can make them run away from confrontations and their bottled up emotions need an outlet.

Although they don’t lose temper easy but they can very well defend their beliefs with logic and strong reasoning.

A deep sense of humor is another exceptional characteristic all the Sirians have that plays at best when they feel comfortable and are around the close ones.

One shouldn’t confuse the presence of an active life within themselves with absent mindedness as it is because of the inner activities, they are unconscious about the unimportant things at times.

It is a possibility that during their childhood they suffered from troubles related to their attention span.

If you want them to learn faster, illustrations and pictorial descriptions are most relevant to them.

They learn most effectively when they are allowed the freedom to explore on their own. They are capable of identifying what does not interest them and moving on to the next topic.

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