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Focus On Yourself, Because Most Of The Time No One Really Cares

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Truly own yourself.

#1. Don’t waste time waiting for people to care

This applies to waiting for them to care about you, and to waiting for them to care about something that you’ve said or done. If you’re sure that they’ve heard about you or your achievement, leave it up to them to raise the subject (or not)—then at least you’ll know that their care or praise will be genuine.

#2. Accept that the majority of people in the world don’t truly care about you

Most human beings generally act like they like you out of habit or custom, but not many of these people care about you in the most honest sense of the word. However—how could they? Unless someone knows you very well, it’s impossible for them to genuinely care about you even if they want to. So, this means there’s really no chance someone can truly care about you if they’ve just met you.

#3. Accept that ultimately, you’re the only one you can 100% rely on for personal happiness

Even if you have excellent friends, family members, and other loved ones who are adept at making you happy and satisfied, you never know if they’ll be there for you forever, and you never know how circumstances might change to make it impossible for them to keep you happy and positive. That’s part of the reason why each individual human being must be able to make themselves happy.

#4. Don’t value the perspectives of other people more than your on viewpoints

Although it’s rarely a bad idea to receive feedback and suggestions, it’s very unwise to take all of the advice and apply it as directed. The advice should be given more weight if it’s coming from experts or other professionals, but you’re the one who will have to deal with your actions in life most, so you need to be the one who trusts and believes in your decisions most. What’s more, that’s the only way you’ll truly be able to own your decisions, words, and actions all throughout your lifetime.

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