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6 Reasons Why a Strong Woman Intimidates You

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by Conscious Reminder

You have probably heard the words “You intimidate me” thousands of times, and each time you heard them, you feel confused, and even slightly offended.

Then, you think about how you can intimidate a person when you are genuinely a really friendly and nice person. And, the thing which probably bothered you the most was that all the people that told you that were guys.

Since these modern times started, men and women were conditioned to believe that one of them is superior over the other, the man being that superior, and when independent women make their presence known, sometimes it is considered intimidating to men whose beliefs and ideas are rooted somewhere in our past.

In fact, men should celebrate independent and intelligent women. So, what is the reason for men to feel intimidated? Because independent women are emotionally mature, without having the time for some immature behaviors, particularly when in a romantic relationship.

They don’t deal with this problem of immaturity, as it is energetically draining and time-consuming. Moreover, they don’t want to spend their time on shallow, stupid and mundane small talks and jokes. So, it is quite easy to understand why sometimes men feel intimidated.

These are the six reasons why men feel intimidated by independent women:

1.  They make money on their own.

Past conditioning leads the society to believe that male figures are the breadwinners, but today, in modern society, females provide for themselves. When a woman has a family, she brings equal amounts, or even more for everyone. So, it is easy to understand why men feel intimidated by this, as they were made to believe that only they are supposed to be the breadwinners.

2. They are not really emotionally dependent.

Independent women usually become independent at a certain point in their life; they were in a tough situation, so rather than crying, they prepared themselves to do something when it comes to that situation. When they were young, they realized that they should not rely on others and that they are the only ones that can make themselves happy. This is probably from where emotional maturity originates.

3. They don’t have a bullshit policy.

These women know what they like and how they like it. They make up their mind and when it is made up men will have difficult times to convince them to change that. Moreover, they know what the most appropriate thing for them is, so they are always going to do that, no matter your opinion. Remember that you can’t bullshit an independent woman.

4. They are smarter and more educated than men.

We can say that most of the independent women were supposed to be self-taught. Sometimes, this may cause them some problems in their relationships, as both men and women want always to be right. Women will do everything in order to prove they are always right, mainly when they are aware that they are. Also, 40% of the women living in the United States are managers or CEOs, professions which require excellent education.

5. They don’t really have the time to play silly and childish games.

An independent woman has a number of responsibilities. She continually works towards her dreams and goals, but after all, she gets the required affection and love. When a man is not serious, or he has the intention to mess with her or play some childish and silly games, she is going to be aware of that, so you are going to see the door very quickly.

6.  They are never going to need you.

Independent women want men, but they don’t need them. They are hard-working, or self-sufficient, and independent, of course. They can do everything that comes to their mind, and they can get everything they need or require. They are aware that after all, they are the only one that can really fulfill their wishes and dreams.

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