Signs That You Are Being Emotionally Manipulated

by Conscious Reminder

It is extremely difficult to identify the signs of emotional manipulation, especially, at the hands of someone we dearly love and trust.

Manipulation in association with relationships can be defined as the action of a person trying to control others. This is usually aimed at creating harm and deceit.

Psychological manipulation refers to behavioral transformation by implementing deceptive strategies. Emotional manipulation mostly leads to intense emotional responses in order to exhaust a person’s energy and destabilize their well-being.

Although manipulation has numerous adverse impacts on an individual, we have listed the 8 most common signs.

1: Doubting reality

Gaslighting is the foremost and most obvious strategy used by a manipulator. Through this, the person tries to disrupt the logical understanding and gut instinct they want to manipulate. Gaslighting is often done through tactical conversations that dissociate us from the real world.

This makes it easier for the manipulator to convince us on believing their vision and perspective. Creating doubts regarding our understanding and instinct will automatically make us dependent on the manipulator and hence, easy to be controlled.

2: Emotionally Intense Relationship

Romantic relationships must truly be free of any sort of manipulation.  Otherwise, it will eventually result in laying the foundation of power dynamics through passionate and intense connection. Harmful intensity, love bombing, and confusion are the basic elements of a successful manipulation.

If the partner is perpetually confused and emotionally charged, it becomes easy for the manipulator to abuse and controls them.

3: Fear Of Abandonment

Most of the victims of emotional manipulation in a relationship miss the obvious signs mainly because of the reason that they fear being abandoned and left alone. As a result, they are often seen to suffer abuse in silence,

This gives rise to a toxic and unhealthy relationship that has an adverse effect on their emotional and mental health. Being scared of your partner is the first sign of manipulation and to get out of that relationship.

4. Gut Instinct Of Something Wrong

Often we feel that something is not right even though things seem perfectly normal. This gut feeling recognizes the manipulation because it is able to discern the sensory cues. This instinct sends information to our brain that raises an alarm of a nearby threat. All this takes place in our subconscious which is referred to as ‘gut instinct’. We must pay attention to this feeling.

5: Insecurity

The primary purpose of manipulation is to gain control over a person. The easiest way to achieve this is by making them feel insecure about themselves. Manipulators frequently use the weakness of their victims to make them vulnerable and control them. This makes the victims suffer from an inferiority complex.

6: Dependency

The first step ensured by manipulators is to make their victims completely and hopelessly dependent on them. They make sure that the victims do not have any other person they can turn to during their time of need. Extreme reliance is an apparent sign of manipulation. The victims are isolated from their family and friends as well as financially. Limiting their resources and external influence gives control to the manipulator.

7: Being Compared To Others

Manipulators always compare their victims to others which makes them feel inadequate. The victims end up feeling that they invariably fall short of everything they do and are constantly competing against others. This creates harmful anxiety and emotional instability.

8: Gained The Trust Of Family And Friends

Manipulators make sure that they gain the trust of the family members and the close friends of their victims. This helps them further in isolating their victims and gaining full control of them emotionally. Moreover, these relationships are also used to their advantage to promote emotional and psychological volatility.

Word Of Advice

Most people tend to get offended when they are informed of being manipulated by their partner. This poses a problem since they are unable to identify the signs of manipulation.

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