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Ascension Symptoms: Your Body Is Shifting From Carbon To Crystalline Based

by consciousreminder

by Conscious Reminder

Quite a few people worldwide have been undergoing a number of systems which indicate that they are on the verge of shifting from a carbon based body to a crystalline one.

These symptoms could be anything from extreme exhaustion to depression or ambivalence for everything in life. This is the onset of a crystalline body, right as their older body which was carbon based starts disintegrating.

People undergoing this change often feel very dazed and at a loss of words about why they suddenly feel so destructive or moody. Many start losing any and all interested in their family or careers.

They feel like they are trapped and nothing makes sense anymore. But all this existential angst is because they are standing on the verge of a great illumination. They are about to experience a shift in their spirituality which will activate the junk DNA that all humans possess.

This great shift will be brought on when the Pineal gland gets activated. From time immemorial it has been considered as the storehouse of knowledge and wisdom.

Symptoms involved during Crystalline Body Change

1. Depression:

Depression is a very commonplace occurrence when our body starts its shift from being carbon based to crystalline. This new form is a more refined, pure version of our old self. This is achieved when we finally purge ourselves of all the dark energy that we’ve been harboring. For instance all the sinister emotions which arise from suppressing traumatic experiences in the past or having hatred directed at self. The whole process is very overwhelming so it is very normal for people to feel as if nothing is going to be alright again.

2. Disillusionment:

As you start your process of ascension and self awareness, you’ll slowly get disillusioned to all the lies you’ve been force-fed from childhood. You no longer have trust on the beliefs which have become obsolete and only have faith in the knowledge that comes from inner awareness. You finally have the courage to severe those ties which are no longer beneficial for your growth. And because you have learnt to let go of the outdated patterns you have also accepted the fact that you might. Have to traverse the rest of your journey quite alone.

3. Seclusion:

You no longer find joy in human company and would rather spend your time surrounded by nature. In your journey you will face a lot of exhaustion and wear and tear and know that only the healing touch of nature will be able to help you.

It is a very intensive process but the light at the end of the tunnel is worth it.

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Tina M Palermo January 10, 2022 - 12:17 pm

I have pictures of my skin which looks like a pale florescent green web of some sort thats alive and constantly growing thrown over my whole body It’s not just me though it’s everywhere it’s all connected which has made me wonder if it is all of our souls connected as of me that I’m seeing I can’t find an option to add a picture but would love to show someone that might have an idea of what it is I’m seeing

Dave November 26, 2022 - 11:57 pm

What about the physical effects?, this article does not cover some of the physical issues one may experience.


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