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Venus Enters Aquarius March 1st: Good Times To Work On Your Significant Relationships

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by Conscious Reminder

From 1st March to 25th March, the goddess of beauty and connection, Venus, will be moving into Aquarius. Venus had stayed in Capricorn for some time now and it felt confined in it.

Especially due to the presence of the rule of the stern Saturn, Venus was becoming more limited in its scope. Now, as Venus enters Aquarius, it enjoys the freedom to spread her aesthetic and relational wings wide apart. Now, you will be able to appreciate beauty and become dazed by it.

However, you have to understand that Aquarius does not really go into details when it comes to appreciating beauty. It will remain distant from this beauty and appreciate it from far away – like a bird flying above.

You will cease of focus on your individual self and start thinking more about human nature as a whole or the collective society. We can spread our wings and give our love to people who are important for us.

We might even end up participating in social activities through some organization and thereby help the community on a state, national, or global level.

Before Venus enters Aquarius on March 1st, it will be forming a square aspect with the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus. Uranus is a big pool of energy and it will shudder you when this aspect arrives.

It brings awakening and helps us grow, but it also presents different challenges in our path for growth. So, you will be feeling the tense connection present when you undergo this process of awakening.

Plus, there is a Mercury retrograde that is going to take place. Once the retrograde begins on 5th March, it will start bringing a lot of conflicts in your communication with other people.

Don’t jump into conclusions and start an argument. Just take a step back and try to look at the situation from a different perspective. Learn to forgive and understand. That is the best way to deal with this retrograde.

At the beginning of March, as Venus crosses Aquarius, you will be infused with the wide perspectives of Aquarius. It will help us to see ourselves in a whole new light. It gives us a great occasion to grow and reflect on the relational aspects of our lives.

If we allow this energy to become a part of us, then, we will be able to see a whole new side of us and we could use it to liberate us from our past and become a new person.

One of the best things about the passage of Venus through Aquarius is that it does not make any kind of aspect with another planet, not until 21st March.

On 21st March, it will come in a square aspect with Mars and will sextile Jupiter. So, before that takes place, it is best to be one with the awakening energy of this aspect and find out how we fit in within this society.

Technology is supposed to connect us, but somehow, it has left us isolated.  But as human beings, we are always evolving and learning new information. However, our understanding of the internet still seems nascent. So, maybe it is time that we take a time-out and develop better human connections.

Technology is still developing at a fast pace and if we fail to understand the implication of social media and the internet, we will be drowned by this ocean of technology without learning how to swim. So, let’s connect with each other on a human level, help each other out, and find a way to support one another.

It is through this energy that we can finally make ourselves wiser and know more about our potential. So, do not let this energy go to waste. Connect with each other and grow.

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