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Symptoms, Risks & Dangers Of Kundalini Awakening

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by Conscious Reminder

Kundalini Awakening has its own pros and cons. While it gives us a lot of power and strength, be it mental, or physical, the downsides that come with it can play a huge part in the process.

For people who aren’t advanced in the nuances of this art, or aren’t that proclivitised to meditation, they are usually warned against Kundalini Awakening, because it might affect them adversely, and create more problems than it solves.

Kundalini Awakening isn’t usually dangerous, and if it is done under due guidance, and information, while also keeping in mind that the process or the procedure needs to be understood at every step, it doesn’t post a threat, but rather enhances the bodily functions, hence making it better.

Yet, there are problems associated with it, whether it be mild or strong, it is still a problem to behold. And, just like a disease, or an illness, it comes with symptoms too. Just that, it isn’t a disease, if it is done absolutely correctly.

What are the dangers? Let’s see.

One of the primal dangers of Kundalini Awakening is the basic feature of overburdening the soul, and the spirit, by rushing through the process without correctly understanding the steps or analyzing your own capability. This leads to mental and physical side effects, for the body isn’t acclimatized to such intense strain on it.

When we are reaching towards spiritual awakening, our body undergoes several changes, with which it tries to adjust to the changing environment. This might lead to a sense of discomfort owing to the ascending nature of it.

Imagine traveling to a higher altitude, without passing through the low lands. Your body will be extremely uncomfortable, owing to the nature of the atmosphere. Similarly, during ascension, your body is not able to cope up with the changes, and hence, it gets sick.

This is called “ascension sickness”. This can be resolved by being careful about your progress. Don’t rush through it; rather, gradually sink into it. When you see yourself unable to cope up, let it be. Then, try again.

Kundalini Awakening has symptoms too. Some of them are:

  1. You are on an energy high and are literally buzzing.
  2. You become sensitive to the opposite spectrums of temperature.
  3. You are in a state of bliss, and your entire being is pleased to the core.
  4. You look into yourself, and things of the past reverberate in your mind, leading you to epiphanies, and a drive to attain salvation.
  5. You become too perceptive and aware of your surroundings.

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