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March New Moon: Your Zodiac Sign Love Mantra Is Here And It’s All About Loving Yourself

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Cover yourself in hard-worn jewels and get down and dirty to the sound of your deepest desires, stellar sirens.

The Pisces New Moon will give us a big picture view of the year gone by, and will allow us to see how everything has fit together in its own special and unique way.

The symbol for Pisces of the two fish swimming in opposite directions also reflects this energy, and signifies finding harmony and peace no matter what direction you are flowing in life.

Aries & Aries Rising

New moon mantra: When I dig in deep, my lust liberates me.

At work: It’s a moon for really getting your hands dirty, Aries. While you’re no stranger to sweaty office work, this is about diving beneath the surface rather than continuing on auto-pilot. Drop your to-do list and step into the psychological trenches at work. Where have you not come clean about how you really feel about a project, policy, or colleague? When does seizing your power feel like an endless cycle of go, go, go? Where can you interrupt this endless actioning to start actually strategizing about your future?

Pause from the offensive, regroup, and, in the wise words of the Spice Girls, tell yourself what you you want, what you really, really want.

Out of the office: Get down in the dungeon, fire babe. Explore the underbelly of things. Pick up rocks. Dig into your closet. Walk the streets of your own soul late at night, sans flashlight. You are on the precipice of major changes in the arena of desire, pleasure, and power, and this moon wants you to explore deep fears around intimacy.

Are you scared of falling under someone’s spell and being rendered helpless? Where does your true, lasting power come from? Trust that what is yours and what is lasting can never be taken from you and let that belief allow you to truly collide with another person.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

New moon mantra: Accepting relationship shifts raises my love vibration higher.

At work: This is a moon for really noticing how you relate, and how you can make peace with everything other people are bringing at work, even when it challenges your beliefs and rocks your world. While your M.O. is usually security focused, during this moon, you’ll be presented with external challenges in the forms of others’ belief systems.

Notice what triggers you during a meeting, or the colleagues who you always have a hard time agreeing with. These are precisely the teachers your soul has asked for. They’re showing you parts of yourself that you haven’t yet fully embraced. Places where your current credo needs an upgrade. You don’t have to do a 180 on all your work narratives. Just let a little of their spice in, as it both refines your own position and opens you up to new ways of being.

Out of the office: This is a delicious moment for some romantic rewiring, so stay open to sudden bursts of insight and shake-ups that are actually taking your love beams even higher. Scorpio is your “opposite” sign, and this means that you’re both working around the same issue, but from different ends of the spectrum.

Scorpio is the transformer to your builder, and while you may not be fully ready to give it up and turn it loose in all your relationships, feel into where you might be able to ungrip just a bit. Whatever is yours will most certainly come back to you, sweet Taurus. So open wide and toss your rose petals into the wind to feed another cycle of flower growth.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

New moon mantra: Getting real about self-care builds a base for creative imagining.

At work: Dig into the nitty gritty during this moon, Gemini. Pack lunches and smoothies. Organize your desk like a work of art. Trust that these tiny maneuvers are much more than frivolous. They are powerful space clearers that let you see your truest intentions with complete clarity. The angle of your stapler? Pure magic. That antioxidant rich bowl you bring for lunch? It fuels your power when asking for a raise.

Putting this solid base in place will liberate you to have the time and space to do exactly what you do best: curiously imagine the possibilities, join people together, and butterfly your way towards new strategies that will have your work soul singing.

Out of the office: Dig into your cabinets and closets for what you already have on hand and treat this like a treasure hunt. Use your resources. Tap into the subtle feelings inside your body and use them as a roadmap taking you to delicious lands. What do you feel like eating, on a cellular level? Eat that. Delight in the process of treating your body like a powerful vessel. Soothe your nervous mind by really feeling into your muscles. There is nothing that you have to do right now and nowhere you have to be except here, for yourself. Shut off the phone, hole up in your apartment if you like, and feel into the process of bowing down to your powerful, beautiful body.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

New moon mantra: The power of play lets me step into the sunlight.

At work: While you’re not always the first in line to speak up and out, or overtly seize power, this moon invites you to play with what it would feel like to do so. What if it could be a joyous sensation- like peeking out from under the umbrella to let the sun drench your beautiful face?

Come at work projects from unexpected angles; let a playlist inspire you to think differently about a critical question. Dress up for work in an over-the-top way that brings you pure pleasure that helps you navigate your day with fluffiness and ease. Practice altering your body language as you move around the office, so that it feels like a sweet, ’80s dance party. Play the soundtrack in your head. And when you notice yourself holding back, start slowly. Raise a hand. Suggest a small idea. And then let it grow larger. Let yourself grow into the lioness you’ve always had, tucked inside.

Out of the office: Sparkle and glow! This is a joyously candied moon for you to let your creative force spill over. Don’t try to contain it one bit. You’ve got liquid gold on your hands and everyone should know. Practice radical presentism in your relationships. Show up for the moment. The feeling of being exactly where you are. Exactly right now. There’s a daring simplicity in this act. Nothing to prove. Nothing to effort. Spark a conversation with a stranger on the street. Pet animals. Pet yourself. You are a feast for your own spirit during this moon, sweet Cancer. Come alive to yourself in all your glory.

Leo & Leo Rising

New moon mantra: The need for retreat reignites my pumping heart.

At work: It’s a moon for laying low and simply letting it unfold around you. Trust that your colleagues understand your power on a deeper level, without you having to always voice your opinion. You are felt on a fundamental level, Leo, and this is a cycle for accepting that “behind the scenes” doesn’t need to feel powerless. It’s just a new flavor of showing up that you may not fully understand in this moment, and it’s no less needed than your bombastics and bravado. Retreat when you need to. Hide out in the bathroom. Take a longer lunch. There will be battles ahead, but for now, you get to lick your work wounds and use this time to really re-center.

Out of the office: Grow down to grow up, little Leo. With the moon dipping into your zone of emo privacy and past lives, break out the old school mixtapes and have a good cry. Hole up in your house for days if you need to, trusting that you’ll reemerge exactly when the time is right. You are an endless giver. A spiller of the heat inside your body.

Now is the moment to tuck in and warm yourself with your own glow. Repower your resources. Plug yourself back into the source. This doesn’t need to mean endless wallowing and regrets or old ghost hauntings. It’s simply a moment to process all that’s come before and to fall back in love with your story, even as it’s changing. Listen to the whispers you hear when you settle into silence. And to the sound of your own pumping heart.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

New moon mantra: When I shift the story, I step into a new role.

At work: Start with your actual position. Your title. What does it feel like in your bones? Is there something you’d rather call yourself? Be playful about this at first. Give yourself a fancy work pseudonym for the type of tasks you do. And then expand this even further. What do you want your “title” in life to actually be, and how can this open you up to new dreams at work, new visions you’d like to implement?

Watch your words carefully. Choose them mindfully in meetings and memos. Fall in love with language as an intention-setting practice. This doesn’t mean endlessly toiling over every word you choose at work. But simply noticing what it feels good to ask for and how you’d like to be spoken to. Let this process feel like a sweet exchange between colleagues, bosses, and yourself. Let yourself listen and be listened to with complete presence.

Out of the office: It’s a moon for getting creatively lost in the streets and finding entirely new ways home. Slip out of your usual neighborhood, both literally and metaphorically, and expose yourself to invigorating and unexpected flavors. Let yourself follow unexpected signals and messages. Open yourself to serendipity and synchronicity, and know that you don’t have to explain anything right now. You’re just gathering experiences and information. And you’re also making peace with all of the pieces of yourself in a way that you haven’t before.

Explore all of the narratives you tell yourself about yourself, and see which are ready for an upgrade. Think of what you want to become and talk to yourself in that voice. There’s a powerful opportunity for you to use your mental powers to create the kind of life you want right now. Speak new worlds into being.

Libra & Libra Rising

New moon mantra: I have exactly everything I need, right the hell now.

At work: Settle in and settle down into your office chair, Libra. There’s no reason to grasp or grab or effort right now. You are magnetic in this moment, and everything you want or need is already coming to you. It’s on its way like a package you ordered months ago and have almost forgotten about. And all you have to do is sign for it when it arrives.

This moon focuses around your center of self-worth and value, Libra, and there’s an opportunity for you to fully open up to how much you’re worth at work. But you don’t need to clamor for attention to do this. You simply have to embody it. Sink into it. And let it come to you. This is a different kind of power that draws this down and in, rather than up and out. Wait for it. It’s on its way.

Out of the office: Venus-ruled beauty, this is absolutely your time. Step into the boudoir. Cover yourself in rose petals. Lotion up. Whatever makes you feel completely gorgeous in your own way. There is a resting sensation to this moon. A darker flavor of chocolate that opens you to the sensation of really rooting down into yourself and trusting that all you could ever want is yours. There is no scarcity. There is no lack. Look around you and lust over what you’ve already created.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

New moon mantra: Washing myself clean, I wake up to a brand new day.

At work: This moon is your moment to radicalize how you show up, Scorpio. There’s an invigorating sensation to this process—a sense of coming clean. Dig into any underground motives or secret feelings that have been bringing you down at work, and bring them up and out to the board meeting. With your strong sense of privacy, you can sometimes create “atmospheres” in the workplace. Little bubbles of feeling that let others know that something’s up and something’s wrong, without actually giving them the information they need to help you. Scrub it. Buff it. And bring these out into the light of day.

This includes your intensity. Your fears that what you’re share will be “too much.” Know that your colleagues expect and even want this out of you. Be the radicalizer. Shake up the mundane. And trust that exposing your own motivations will let you really see both where your power center lies, and what you really want out of the work that you do.

Out of the office: Experiment with spontaneous acts of self-expression, no matter how challenging this may seem. Invigorate your sense of self with a low-stakes approach. Change up your look with no attachment to how you usually appear. Offer spontaneous help with no expectation of return to a friend or lover. Let this moon feel like a cool shower that exposes the clean skin that’s always been underneath. Be the white horse instead of the dark horse this go around. Find a way to trust in new beginnings and your own innocence, even if it’s only for part of the morning after you first wake up. Take a chance, no matter how small. Start exactly where you are with what you’ve got, and know that it’s more than enough.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

New moon mantra: When I get super subtle, I discover all the treasures.

At work: Stay soft in the office this month, Sag. No need for your usual over-the-top contributions or endless input. Move about the office with grace and ease and know that you’re just gathering information right now. Extend your emotional antenna and read the aura of your workplace to divine where exactly you’re needed. You don’t have to claim credit right now. You just have to show up where your skills can be best applied and employ the radical trust that you’ll get exactly the credit you deserve when the time is right.

Or maybe this isn’t about the credit at all. This is about the faith that you’re working for something much larger than yourself and that there’s a liberation in that feeling. A softening. Fall back in love with a higher cause. And if your job isn’t fulfilling that part of you, it may be time to start dreaming new dreams entirely.

Out of the office: This moon is pure magic, Sag, though you’ll have to release your foot off the gas completely to seize it. It’s a mystical moon for fully embracing what you can’t see and leaping into the darkness and letting yourself free fall into the next cycle of your life. You’re the zodiac’s wildest adventurer, but these voyages usually happen in the right here, right now world. This moon asks even more from you. It asks that you step into the greatest adventure of all that comes from completely releasing what you believe to be true and trusting fully that you’ll be caught when you need to. Slough off the cycle that’s ending, strip yourself down, and get ready for sweet surrender.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

New moon mantra: Living my full-on weird lets me crack open future paths.

At work: Get strange, boss babe. Innovate. Radicalize. Notice your default behavior or status-quo strategy for a problem and quite literally head in the other direction. Pay attention to where you’re super entrenched in a position or belief pattern about a project or the “right way” to do something. Actually experiment with leaving work undone or even doing it the “wrong” way and let that open you to new kinds of approaches you’d never have been able to access in your current mode. Ask for help. Build a coalition. Release into the feeling of teamwork even when it leaves you feeling like someone else might mess it up. Let it get messy and let that feeling of release open you to showing up in your full range of expression.

Out of the office: Neons. Metallics. Pop Rocks. Light it up, loosen it up, and sci-fi your life into a radical future. You’re traveling far beyond the known during this cycle, Capricorn, and it’s absolutely going to be scary. All of your old stories about having to keep it together, keep on with tradition, figure it out—they will all be firing hardcore right now. Don’t listen to them. Turn down the volume knob and play with the sound of your own, brand new becoming, instead.

You can’t see the next shoreline yet and that’s precisely where you need to be right now. You’ve off-roading and off-worlding. Let yourself have this time to not know. Let unlearning be more important than learning. Let yourself fly.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

New moon mantra: Claiming my spot at the table lets me feast fully.

At work: This is the ultimate boss babe moon for you, Aquarius, sitting right on the top of your chart like a neon-lit Vegas sign. What does it want you to do? It wants you to fully claim your right to your position and so much more. Where do you equivocate at work? Where do you make yourself smaller than you need to?

Go directly into that place and feel what lives beneath that place. Where does this fear spring from? Do you truly believe that you’re not ready? Or does the possibility of stepping into your fullness make you feel exhausted about all the effort you’ll need to apply to maintain that position? Trust that once you step into this center and seize what’s yours, it will actually get easier. Because you’ll be doing your soul work and when we level up in that way, we are able to step into true flow. Not that this won’t be without its challenges, but it will feel like delicious challenges you were born to savor.

Out of the office: Explore your solitude this cycle, Aquarius. Not necessarily by removing yourself from community or friends. But by distinguishes yourself when you need to. By noticing when you collapse into communion or try to decide what’s best for the group, rather than claiming your singularity. Prove yourself to yourself once again. Physically challenge yourself with a new workout or wilderness expedition. Engage in project that takes a long time to complete and savor the complexity and the challenge. This could be as simple as slow-roasting veggies, or putting together a new piece of furniture. Whatever it is, let your daily life show you what a badass you are. Relax into and celebrate the range of your capabilities.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

New moon mantra: When I break loose from old beliefs, untamable adventure unfolds.

At work: You’re finding adventure in very unexpected places during this moon cycle, but it’s not necessarily the usual brand of mystical dreaming and imagining you’re used to. This is about harnessing the intuitive power of the big picture. Panning out from the trenches of your daily routine to glimpse the view down below, from far beyond the fluffy white clouds.

Where do you truly see your career heading? What is your mission statement for your personal mission? Just observe yourself from this vantage point and start to understand the relationship between cause and effect. Where are all these micro-maneuvers leading you, and is it to a career land where you really want to spend time? Think of your job as a landscape; where do you want to live? What do you want the climate to feel like? Dream up your most luscious voyage and then land back down on the solid ground and start implementing the steps to help get your there.

Out of the office: Expand the contours of your every day in visceral, tangible ways during this moon cycle, Pisces. Instead of heading into your mind and internal emotional life to do this, actually go out into the world and get bigger. Flowy clothes. Strutting down city blocks to oversized beats. Let the world be an unfolding party of mysterious adventures and show up for it. Take a brand new approach. Sign up to learn about a topic you’ve never even heard of. Collide with worlds you think of as far from your own. Delight in experiential learning. Anything that challenges entrenched habits or beliefs is calling to you right now. Step right into the crowded center of that dance floor and shake it.

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