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5 Astrology Myths That Most People Think Are True

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by Conscious Reminder

Nowadays, astrology is very popular, but there are a lot of people who misunderstand it in a number of different ways. Just like anything else interesting or good in this world, there are always going to be those that will try to twist astrology in order to fit it in what they like to push it.

A lot of myths about astrology exist, and there are people who fall for those myths. While there will be myths which may look more certain and convincing than others, there are also those that are very obvious, and sometimes even concerning. Our planet, the one which we call it our home, is overloaded with misinformation, so astrology is definitely not something that is excluded from this.

Doing some research on this topic will make you understand how frustrating things can be. While astrology can provide us with benefits on our journey at some level, misunderstanding it may hold us back.

Here are the most common myths related to astrology which people often believe, but are not true:

1. The existence of a new and different, thirteenth Zodiac sign.

You have probably seen this information floating online for years. There really exists a constellation called Ophiuchus, but this constellation is not a new one. The constellation exists between the signs Sagittarius and Scorpio. However, it does not have importance in our Zodiac. It has not been included for several reasons, and although several astrologers include it, most are not going to incorporate it in things because it is simply unnecessary. So, the way in which our sky is separated right now is just as it has to be.

2. Astrology’s considered nothing else but a trend.

Well, this is not true because astrology is definitely not any trend, but it is actually something which is present in our world since long time ago. It exists since 25,000 years ago, or probably before then. Astrology formed a large part of the existence for Greeks, Egyptians, and Babylonians. Although it appeared in several forms throughout different cultures, looking at the stars and searching for answers seemed to be a thing which we did for a long time.

3. The Sun sign is considered the most significant one.

Talking about astrology in general terms, the Sun sign is actually one of the most significant signs. There is a specific sign for every celestial body, so different signs will influence distinct things. There is no sign which is more significant than other signs. Each of them is significant on its own.

4. Astrology is the same as astronomy.

There is a considerable difference between astronomy and astrology, which means that they are not one and the same. Astronomy studies our Universe and the contents which are outside of the atmosphere, while the astronomers are examining the motions, positions and everything else of certain celestial objects. A lot of people confuse these two studies and assume that they are identical. Saying this, the difference between them is more than evident.

5. Transitions do not affect personalities.

This is not true because transitions out in the celestial world can affect you quite a lot. Without any doubt, pay attention to the natal chart. In fact, transits are the analysis of planetary movements, compared to the positions in the natal chart. Transits are definitely not absolute, although they can make some serious influences on people’s lives.

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