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This Is The One Thing You Need To Do If You Want Your Twin Flame Back

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There are a lot of people who have this one recurring issue of wanting to connect with their twin flame after their twin soul becomes a ‘runner’ when they already have resented the runner twin flame so much that they burned down all the possible connective bridges and all the chances of having a respectable relationship again.

The problem is that people nowadays treat their real-life relationships as shown in the Hollywood. As it happens in the movies, they give ultimatums to their partners and be rude with them in hope of changing their heart. But this results in most of the people choosing the way out of the relationship. When a twin flame walks out of the relationship, he/she is called the twin flame runner.

This article is for all those people who wish to be with their twin flames again. And in order to return to your twin flame you must do this one thing

“What is that one thing that I must do?”, you must be wondering.

Well, ‘be patient’, it’ll be rewarding.

Yes, being patient is the key. ‘Being patient’ can be mere words for some but for the people who really implement patience in their lives, it means developing a process of self-growth, a process that you fell right about, a process that takes you out of your relaxed comfort zone, a process that forces you to grow, a process that develops you as a whole.

Merely sitting quietly in a corner is not known as being patient. Rather, it means that you are conscious towards your health, fitness, finances and even your spiritual growth. You can never be the person that your twin flame wants so badly till you give up being a victim or feeling that you cannot achieve anything.

Here is how being patient helps:

You do not lose power and you do not become a victim of events when you keep patience and allow other people to make their own choices, whether they wish to stay or to run away. If they want out, you must let it happen.

Another thing that being patient helps in is the fact that it prevents that bridge between you and your twin flame from being burned down. Thus, when later in the future, if the universe wants you both to meet again, that bridge is still there for your twin flame to come back to you.

So, do not react to everything that people say or do. Simply accept that as fate and move on. In any moment you have the power and the opportunity to act patiently and allow the thing to unfold completely before reacting to them.

I am saying all this not just based on the knowledge of the subject but also out of my own personal experience. Most of the time when people shift away from my life without any reason, I do not react in a bad way and so it happens that many of the people who left me in the past came back in my life again. The only reason for them to even consider reconnecting is because they thought that I am not reactive and will allow them to choose things for themselves.

I hope you now understand the true value of patience and you’ll apply it in your daily life.

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1 comment

Diljia January 21, 2018 - 5:24 am

Very nice mam, I love ur thoughts, this happened in my life also it’s really correct, when they leave me for another women I never say bad word or react, I had pain inside my heart, I accepted. And just moved , when moved away from them I thought not to love again, fallen in love twice, one person returned after his divorce, but it was not an acceptable thing for me. Second one also married leaving me betrayed, so I decided not to marry anyone and just wanted to stay as I am, after 7 years he wished me happy new-year in 2018. But I didn’t replied, I don’t want to break any relationship he have, and I am just out of his thoughts because am now in a twin flame kind of a relationship. I am attached to him without any knot, he helps me to grow, and view world in different way. He helps me and forgive everyone, I revealed everything in my life to him, he is such a wonderful person. We are not in a lover’s relationship, he can love anybody, I never check is he in another relationship or not, starting I had this problems and he run away. Now we are stable. He is there whenever I need advice, I also not ache for him everytime, we just living our life, and I know he will be there when I need a mental support, and he don’t expect anything from me and we are such a distant place we know we may not meet.I decided not to be in married relationship, and I want to love everyone with out any condition.


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