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Where Did Mankind Come From?

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by Conscious Reminder

Many people have come up with many arguments as to how man came to exist on Earth. Those who believe in evolution argue that we originated from apes over a long duration of evolution. Those who believe in creationism argue that we were made by an almighty God.

These are the most popular theories but they are by no means the only ones. Others have come up with their own theories about evolution. One such theory is that mankind actually originated in a different planet. Some have gone so far as to say that we were created by aliens. Keep reading to find out more about these theories.

Mankind originated in a different planet

When seen in relation to the other creatures on Earth, man has actually progressed much further and this in itself makes us atypical. From the advanced technology we use to communicate to the level of intelligence we have attained, we are really quite special.

In ‘Humans are not from Earth: a scientific evaluation of the evidence’, Dr. Ellis Silver writes extensively on the theory that mankind was not created to live in this kind of planet. These are some of the factors he explores:

  1. Exposure to the Sun

Considering that the Sun is such a necessary factor for life to exist on Earth, it is very strange that human beings are so easily affected by its rays in the form of sun burns and other skin ailments.

  1. Issues with the back

According to Dr. Silver, the reason so many of us have health related problems with the spine and the spinal region is because we were made to live in a place where gravity is not so powerful.

  1. Illnesses

We don’t have the immunity to resist many diseases that are widespread on Earth.

  1. Labor pains

For as long as we can remember, human women have had to deal with excruciatingly painful childbirths even though it is a process that is necessary for the continuation of our species.


Literally translating to ‘seeds everywhere’, Panspermia refers to the idea that all life on earth comes from microbes that were floating around in outer space. Those who believe in this idea argue that around four billion years ago, a number of asteroids fell on Earth. The microbes that lived on them spread to this planet as well.

This idea has gained more standing since it was proved that microorganisms now living on the planet can survive in the direst of circumstances, such as those that would have existed on those asteroids. It just may be that they spread here from outer space and helped in shaping the Earth as we know it.

We were made by extraterrestrials

In ‘The 12th Planet’, Zecharia Sitchin wrote about how an alien race called the Annunaki created mankind in order to use them as a slave race in mining precious metals. He believes that they came from a far off planet termed Nibiru which comes into contact with our solar system once every four million years due to its unusually oval orbit.

Extraterrestrials shaped mankind’s progress

‘In Chariots of the Gods’, Erich van Daniken argues that aliens built most of Earth’s historic empires. He uses monuments and relics to substantiate his argument and writes that men in those days worshipped these aliens as their Gods.

Is Earth not our native planet?

In ‘Missing Links’, Gregg Braden extensively explores the theory that we came to earth a long time back in the form that we exist in now. There is a lot of information available on all sides so it is better to not be narrow-minded and remain open to all possibilities.

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