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Life-Changing Blood Moon/ Full Lunar Eclipse Tonight: Sudden Bursts Of Energy

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by Conscious Reminder

A life changing and intense full moon is on its way and is scheduled with a complete lunar eclipse on Friday, the 27th of July.

The full moon is especially significant because of its relationship with Leo and Aquarius, which leads to changes and looking into the soul and the brain.

One might also be interested in knowing that this eclipse is not just a random freak of nature, but gained its happening owing to the opening of the karmic gates of our being as can be seen, on July 12th.

As mentioned before, it is basically a group of three eclipses, and goes without saying that it is one of a kind. A similar event will not be observed again before 2020 and after that we would have to wait for seven more years to have something like this happening before us.

What is special about this is that there is a trifecta at play here, and it has a greater effect than a lot of things. These events are rare as it was last observed back in 2013.

The Karmic gateway is special because it will help you achieve what has been the aim of mankind since the dawn of civilization: salvation.

Salvation is essentially the (re)union of your soul with that of the higher being that created you a.k.a. God. This is what Buddhists call ‘Nirvana’ and Hindus ‘Moksha’.

The fact that the longest eclipse of this century on 27th, is in Aquarius, will be of special significance because the fluidity of water is what symbolizes the transmigration of the soul from one realm to a higher one, smoothly.

This will be a very happening week, astrologically speaking. Mars, the other red thing in the sky besides the blood red super moon tonight, will be in conjunction together: the retrograde planet will cause, along with the moon a very self-contradictory effect.

This will be so: while passions will be at all-time highs thanks to the two blood red celestial bodies, the effect of any kind of monkey business, that is, conspiring or wanting to screw someone over will invariably backfire.

This is because Mars is retrograde, that is, in reverse. Just effects too will be in reverse.

At the same time, Mars will be in an ‘aspect’ which will be four months long, with Uranus. Uranus is also the ruling planet of Aquarius and this aspect with Mars will also have interesting effects on the emotions of human beings.

Aquarians under the influence of their ruling planet will see in themselves sudden bursts of explosive energy. This is because both Mars and Uranus symbolise extremes of behaviour. It will be something that will almost look like dissociative disorders, but will not be so.

The effect of this will be staggering thanks to another formation, the fixed T square formed by these two planets, the full moon and the sun.

All these things will continue till the end of August because of this: no matter how fried nerves are and how high passions are, thanks to so many different celestial activities, Mars will be, till that time, in retrograde. That means it is in retreat till it reaches Capricorn, the sign where it is worshipped.

The stakes are high. Such high emotive value will never be so close to your hand. And this time too it is almost by serendipitous accident that so many contradictory and complementary celestial formations are aligning themselves.

The trick to harness such energies is to keep your soul and heart open to metamorphosis and believe. The blood red color of the full moon and the wary planet Mars will help your blood boil in a good way, in a way that helps you create for yourself and others, a better Earth.

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