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The 2022 Fall Equinox Calls For Unity Of These 4 Zodiacs Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

The nights are cooler, the days are shorter, and there’s an abundance of pumpkin spice lattes – fall season has officially arrived.

It’s usually a bittersweet time since it means summer is over, but there are a ton of events coming too: Halloween, cuffing season, and more.

A big fall event is the autumn equinox – the re-entry of the Sun into one of the cardinal signs. This kicks off ambitious and new beginnings once more. Of course, while it may not be the easiest time for everyone else, these four zodiacs can expect a blast due to this equinox’s influence.

The equinox in the fall will happen on September 22nd, Thursday. It will start from 9:03 P.M. E.T. when the Sun enters Libra. Since Venus is the ruler of this zodiac, actively pursuing connections becomes a compulsion. The most affected by this tendency are usually other cardinal signs.

Here are the four most affected zodiacs during this period:


On September 22nd, the Sun’s position will shed light on the necessity for unity, connection, and balance in relationships. Since Libra is a sister sign, the energy might feel completely opposite. However, it is vital for maintaining equilibrium.

You are an extremely independent soul, which makes you eager to start ventures without help. However, this also makes you forget that there is no need to always tackle the pursuits alone. This season will remind you to find support in your relationships since that is one of the reasons for their existence. Let people help you – it will not take anything away from your ambitiousness.


The equinox in fall will ask you to rest in your safest haven, or in other words, among your family and/or at home. This area is not only extremely important for you but also somewhere where relationships, pleasure, and balance are essential.

With the beginning of Libra Season on September 22nd, you will start feeling the necessity to make this area harmonious. It can be among members of the family or in the space you are currently living in. It will be an ideal period for reflecting on the way your fulfillment is centered here. Your home has to be rejuvenating, not draining.


This is your season, as such, it is only natural that you will be feeling the effects of the equinox the most. On September 22nd, the Sun’s position will illuminate the necessity of balance, connection, and pleasure in your daily life.

This period will be ideal for re-centering needs, so do not avoid prioritizing yourself. There will be prompts for you to start things that make you feel fulfilled. It can be creative endeavors, social events, or new relationships. Whatever might be your project during this period, expect a busy and booked calendar for fall. This makes it all the more important for you to prioritize yourself.


On the day of the equinox, the Sun’s position will call you to focus on your methods of establishing relationships, harmony, and balance when it comes to professional life. You are the zodiac sign that is mostly oriented towards goals, and as such, work ambitions are extremely important to you.

This will be an ideal time for launching new projects. There can also be a necessity to pay attention to collaborations and partnerships, so reach out to anyone you have been wanting to work with. The fall equinox energy will be supportive of your artistic traits, so do not shy away from diving into new creative projects.

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