Powerful Pisces New Moon, March 6th — Let Your Imagination Run Wild

by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon taking place in March is one of those events when reality ceases to exist for you. Fantasies and dreams become your reality and you fail to identify the differences between the two.

The reason is simple – we will be living in the bubble of Neptune, the planet known for its illusions. However, if you have a creative nerve in you, then let it tingle, because now is the time when you can get your creative masterpiece out for the world to see or to satisfy yourself.

Health Through Water

This New Moon is a great time for innovations in medicine too. It will be best to go for any kind of hydrotherapy. Keep yourself hydrated and try to go for a swim in pure waters which are non-polluted.

Be one with nature, as, during this time, you will be highly intuitive and absorb all the natural energies coming your way. So, if you want to take in nature in its pure form, get to places which have no pollution and as clean as if it was the beginning of time.

Music And Peace

Music will be close to your heart during this time. But you will be more attracted to mellow tunes like gospel, sacred music, choral, etc. You may find it hard to be in tune with the music of the current times which are filled with some kind of propaganda, but you might find some gem if you search properly.

Go for music which is at 432Hz. You can find many on YouTube. When ‘A’ is tuned to this frequency – 432 Hz – it is referred to as ‘God note’. Even Mozart tuned all his instruments to A and at 421 Hz, while Bach went a bit higher for 480Hz. Solfeggio frequencies and binaural beats are some tunes you could go for.

Aspects of the New Moon in March

Moon Will Conjunct Neptune

The moon will conjunct Neptune and this will make us feel like we are in a mist of sea and black oceans. It is almost unfathomable and infinite. There’s a mermaid, but she slips away from sight behind the dark, booming waves which can never be seen but only be heard and felt.

But you can see the moonlight as it glistens against her tail – and almost teasingly, her tail disappears and reappears, making you feel helpless and enthusiastic about the chase. You have to trust your ears because the eyes are of no use during this time.

The musical Neptune along with the moon will send the haunting tunes of the Cosmos towards you – listen to it. It will guide you well.

Saturn Will Sextile Neptune

Saturn will also sextile Neptune and bring creative changes in the world as well as in you. You can now dedicate your creative art or works to a great cause if you want to.

The music of today will have a bit of politics in it and that is because the musicians are concerned with raising funds for an important cause.

However, not everything is good, because when the music turns political, it can go both good and bad. Plus, Neptune also rules over photography and movies and so, these will have a dark touch to it, empowered by Saturn.

Pisces Decan 2 also has this great quality attached to it, which is the need to be optimistic and helpful to others. We can see a lot of causes popping up around us, all in the name of helping and uplifting someone or a group.

And if we are lucky, then we can become healers ourselves and help others too. There might even be cures or inventions that can make a major impact on humanity as a whole.

The Fixed Stars

On 6th March, the new moon will take place between the fixed stars of Ankaa and Achernar. The star Achernar is important. It is very bright and is positioned in the mouth of the Eridanus river.

The river end is connected with Rigel, which is stationed at the foot of Orion. Orion is also known as the god of resurrection. So, this star is connected with religion and is considered to be very lucky. It is associated with high status and success.

So, the March New Moon is a special one. We should allow this energy to flow through us and help us progress further in our ambitions.

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