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The Daily Struggles Of An Empath That Go Completely Unnoticed By Others

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by Conscious Reminder

Empaths are always surrounded by an intense and powerful energy that often magnifies the events around them. It’s a beautiful trait to have but it takes a lot of effort and self-growth to reach a point where it is more helpful than stressful.  

They can feel the emotions of everyone around them as if they are going through those emotions themselves. This is an automatic reaction every time they are around people and they don’t have the option of not feeling those emotions. They need to learn to deal with their power properly or the onslaught of emotions will be too difficult to bear.

1. The negativity of other people pulls them down

Everyone is affected by negativity but empaths have to take in a lot more than just their own. Whenever they are around people, feelings are coming in from all sides and not all of them are good. When there is too much negativity, they find it overwhelming. Some find it too hard to even pay attention to the news because they never know when some story will come up that will push them to the brink.

2. It’s hard to find the energy they need to get through the day

It’s hard for empaths to keep up their energy through the day because the people around them are constantly draining it unconsciously. Those who are not aware of their problems might call the shiftless but they are actually putting in more effort than most people. They are constantly shouldering the burdens of others and with all that is pulling them down, it is a miracle that some of them can still soldier on.

3. They often expose falsehoods

Since an empath can always tell what a person is actually feeling, it is not possible to lie to them. They’re not fond of doing it, but they will expose people who aren’t telling the truth. They would prefer to keep away from all the trouble but they feel that it is their duty to guard people. So whenever a person intends something wicked, they will do their best to see that they are not successful.

4. Powerful waves of emotion batter them

When a normal person is faced with other people’s emotions, it washes off them like water of a duck’s back most of the time. But an empath doesn’t have this choice. If people around them are upset, the empath can get unsettled quickly. For them, it’s not easy to let go.

5. It’s not easy for them to refuse something

If an empath is approached by a person with a problem, they’ll more often than not take pity on them and agree to whatever they want even if it is detrimental to them. These are the times when they really have to learn to say ‘no’ clearly. If they agree to someone, they’ll feel that it is unfair to reject another person. This causes a lot of trouble for them.

6. They find it hard to get some alone time

Since they are faced with so many people’s problems, they always have work to do and barely any time to rest and rejuvenate. They need some time in isolation so that they can let go of any emotion that is unsettling them. Otherwise, they will just keep absorbing the negativity.

If they can face these challenges and make it through, they can achieve more anyone else can with their gift. They are a blessing to have around. If you are an empath, hopefully this article will help you in your struggle.

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