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The 4 Types Of Intelligence And How To Use Them For Making Better Decisions

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by Conscious Reminder

Whenever we have to make an important decision, we do some proper research on it or even take the time to make a pros and cons list.

This is done to make sure that our decisions are in our best interests and that we gain from them. Some trust their gut to make major decisions while others wait for their intuitions to drop in.

You might go through a plethora of emotions while making these important life-changing decisions ranging from fear, sadness, anger, or even excitement for the unknown. 

The best decisions that one can make in such scenarios include all of our ways of knowing and that is what we are going to discuss in this article below so that you can use them to make better choices.

What Are The Four Intelligences?

People have 4 types of intelligence: emotional, mental, intuitive, and somatic. We usually overdevelop some of them while the others remain underdeveloped. 

Here is an exercise for you.

Ask yourself these questions and see if you have room for improvement in these bits of intelligence.

For Emotional Intelligence:

Can I read and feel my own and other people’s emotions accurately?

Can I avoid either repressing emotions or exploding with them?

 For Mental Intelligence:

Am I most comfortable making decisions based on accurate factual information?

Am I skeptical of phenomena I can’t explain logically?

Ami I someone who usually gets lost in my head?

For Intuitive Intelligence:

Do I get spontaneous information flashes?

Do I know things I couldn’t possibly know rationally in ways that are later verified?

Do I have pre-cognitive dreams or visions?

For Somatic Intelligence:

Am I aware of my physical sensations on a regular basis?

Am I attuned to “gut” feelings?

Am I able to read subtle body signals or symptoms before they become big ones?

What Does This Intelligence Look Like In Practice?

Tracking data and assessing risks are assisted by your mental intelligence, which also helps you stay grounded in science, math, and data. You can be smart and rely on objectifiable measures to make decisions but mental intelligence has its limitations.

People who are “psychics” have a well-developed intuitive intelligence, which arises from hunches and visions. They can ask binary questions and connect the answers with other bits of intelligence to make proper decisions.

These people with high intuitive intelligence just “drop in” with a lack of emotional content. These intuitive hits are only a neutral quality to them.

Intuitions feel neutral but have an emotional reaction to them. You need to perceive emotions not just as egotistic whims but as a guide that will eventually help you navigate a difficult world. You need to feel all the emotions, whether it is positive or negative, as it will guide you towards protective actions.

People with high somatic intelligence are body-based and can read situations very easily. These people trust their gut feelings and let their bodies lead the way in making a proper decision. This gut feeling is often a sensation in their solar plexus.

How Can You Call On These Bits Of Intelligence?

You might face certain situations where your mental intelligence is contradicting your intuitions. What should you do then?

Experts have shared that all these bits of intelligence require a conductor inside you, one which orchestrates and governs the others.

When we are unbalanced, our thoughts fragment and one of this intelligence overpowers the others leaving us doubting our decisions. 

You need to gather information from all these bits of intelligence and make balanced and healthy decisions, without neglecting any of them (including both the positive and negative emotions). 

Keep an open mind and trust your intuition. Follow the science and try to apply critical thinking in every aspect. Try to be as hopeful as you can but keep firm in the real world.

Use your head in every decision that you make but lead those with your heart. And finally, keep your thoughts in check as “Your thoughts influence reality but your thoughts cannot control reality.”

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