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The Lionsgate Portal Opens Today: One Of The Luckiest Days For Manifestation

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by Conscious Reminder

As we move into August, the eighth day will bring a Cosmic alliance that will bring us great luck. The Lionsgate portal will get activated on the 8th of August.

The glorious Sun in Leo will align with the lucky Sirius. The day will be supercharged, and all our dreams and aspirations will be pushed to manifest.

8th August 2020 is going to be this year’s luckiest day.

Sirius always shows its face around the 8th of August. This year, the powerful Sun in Leo will be directly linked with it, making the day an especially lucky one. The best advice we can give you is to sow seeds or intentions and connect with the Universe.

It will be a momentous day of opportunities. Get ready; you don’t want to miss it. We all know how much of this good luck we need in this chaotic year of 2020.

The Spiritual Sun Will Align With The Glorious Sun To Open The Lionsgate Portal

Sirius has always held a place of great spiritual significance. Many cultures believe that the star Sirius illuminates our inner spirit and elevates our higher ambitions and goals. What makes this Cosmic alignment extremely potent is that the Sun will be at its peak. The Sun hovers over Leo, which is its home sign, and it’s summer peak. Meanwhile, the second brightest star, Sirius, is known for its special connection with the Sun.

The vital powers of Leo will also influence us during this Cosmic event. Noble energies will radiate through us, and we will be encouraged to be more courageous.

The Lionsgate portal will open up on the auspicious date of 8th August. But if you miss it by some unfortunate chance, don’t worry. It is believed that the potent energies unleashed during this Cosmic event remain around us for many weeks after it happens. We can all continue to work on our dreams to bring them into reality.

How Should You Interact With The Lionsgate Portal?

The day will be auspicious, even if we don’t do anything. But it’s best to take full advantage of it. And we can do that only when we prepare ourselves beforehand.

Think of the Lionsgate portal as an event that opens up high-vibrational and high-frequency energies. It bathes us with will power and incredible courage. It’s quite similar to a New or a Full Moon in some ways. Like the auspicious Lunar events, we can sow our seeds of intentions to ensure that they manifest. You just need to know how to harness these powerful energies.

A Ritual To Set Intentions

Every journey begins with a single step. And so, you must take that step to actively think about your dreams. One way you can do this is by meditating for 8 minutes. Think about the high-vibrational energies that are being unleashed at the moment.

Sit in a comfortable position and play some 888Hz music. Close your eyes and visualize the energy entering your body at the top of your head and spiraling down your spine. See it washing away all the negative and blocked energy, healing your cells, and cleansing your organism.

This is the light of abundance. Everything you feel in your body is true, it exists. Take it all in and allow the Universe to guide you. Today, you have all the abundance on disposal so why don’t you allow it enter your life.

After you are done meditating, note down your life goals. Make sure to write eight practical steps on how you can achieve that goal.

Crystals Will Help Your Channel Your Energies

Several healing crystals can help you channel your energies. During this Cosmic event, you can choose the bright, yellow, and gold crystals that store the energies of the Sun. Some of the great crystal to set your intentions this 8th August, are citrine, pyrite, and Lemurian Quartz.

The goal of these rituals is to help you realize your hidden potentials. So, it’s best if you set your intentions the way you know best. Simply trust yourself and the Universe.

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