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No One Is Coming To Fix And Heal You! It Starts Within

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Nowadays, we talk about our negative experiences as we go to healers, and we expect that someone else is going to heal us, which may be quite a tricky process. 

The difference between healers that claim that they are able to heal us and healers that assist us in our healing process is a huge one. Unluckily, there cannot even be a word for differentiating these two.

Although there are a lot of authentic healers in this world, there also exist those that have a dark agenda, regardless of the fact if they are aware of that or not.

This is called “New Age Spiritual Abuse” in which such healers are influenced by some dark energy to affect the spiritual journey of a person negatively. Those that will be affected may need more time in order to figure everything out, or they will figure out nothing at all too.

Those people that usually do that unconsciously have their best intentions. This can also be the part of the journey they take or a life lesson in order to become conscious of this so that they can also work through the karma.

So for those of you that ever came across such healers or will come across in the future, know that the best thing you may do is trust only your intuition, and notice if you feel right in working with them or not.

However, there are such healers who do everything consciously, which is again about the journey or if they or they don’t wake up to what they actually do, creating pretty heavy and duty karma.

We have to be really careful as these individuals may be quite manipulative, working on subtly trying to control us and affect our journey.

Right when this particular experience happens, it will cause us to lose contact with our higher-self, and throw us off track, or even make us doubt ourselves and lose our way.

On our spiritual journey, we are going to experience a lot of the forms of healing. Some of them will make some difference, while others will just work to empty people’s purse.

Some which will make no difference are Reiki, psychic readings, tapping or EET, distance healings or also chakra balancing. However, there are those who are going to make some difference, such as timeline therapy, coaching ad rebirthing.

Darkness can sometimes be really tricky as it is working slowly, in order to diminish people’s self-confidence, make them doubt themselves, hence making them vulnerable to the influence it has. This is what a lot of people believe occurs to such healers.

There are false psychics that are actually the entities that exist on another reality plane and are able to see in our inside and know what they should say in order to pull us in, which is the way in which they are gaining energies for themselves. There are actually true psychics too, but their number is minimal.

There are a lot of people who come to healers and expect them to wave the magic wand or improve the well being, but it actually does not work like that.

We all set such experiences in our lives in order to learn fundamental things. When we are more affected, the lesson which we should learn will be even more important, so when someone is going to wave our magic wand, there is nothing we can gain.

When we are on the part of the journey where we seek healing, we should think twice about how we might go about it. We should choose to learn the harder lessons, face our truth and then grow.

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