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Whenever Life Feels Unbearable, Give This A Read!

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Life was not promised to be a bed of petals, or a starry night sky. It is, to this day advertised as stormy, chaotic and more often than not, sad and miserable.

But one must never give up. Ours is a perpetually sad existence. Now, wonder many thinkers compared life to suffering.

The founder of Jainism, Mahavira had opined how the soul suffers when mixed with matter, because it had to be born and live through the sufferings of the moral realm before it can break free through death.

Albert Camus, the French philosopher compared the sufferings of man to the Greek titan Sisyphus, perpetually rolling a boulder atop a hill only to find it tumbling down.

But all faiths and ways of thought have said one thing for sure: Suicide and self-destruction are not the way at all. Your life is not yours to take.

If you wear a perspective healthy enough, you can look past all the pain and suffering and enjoy the smallest things in life. These include all the sights, sounds, aromas and textures of Nature. Food is a big plus too.

The gastronomic pleasures to life are immense.

But the key point we are driving at however is the fact that one must not give up on oneself.

One must strive at self-improvement till one is buried.

Getting your shit together so to speak is something people do in different speeds you know. Like Einstein said, one can’t expect a fish to do well in a race to climb a tree.

The truth is that the fact that you win in the tiniest of ways simply by not giving up on existence is one of the major gifts you should be proud of.

The bigger gift is, the love you inspire in so many people: your friends, family and partner. That is the truest of all human achievements.

That is what we will be judged by when we face the day of judgement: the number of people we managed to bring together in strong, positive bonds and the love we managed to keep and cherish in this short and eventful existence.

So live as it comes to you and keep a smile on your face. Keep your friends and loved ones close and show your fidelity to them every single day.

You are loved, do not give up.


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1 comment

EL November 3, 2018 - 10:48 pm

If you have lived a full life to old age, and can no long function on your own, check out the Final Exit Society dot org… I watched a love one suffer at 92, then in-between consciousness and sleeping, state to me, “I think I’ve lived too long!” (<At this point in their lives, they were completely bedridden and unable to literally do "anything" for themselves!)… One should be allowed to exit this planet in anyway they choose, "not" suffer through the last parts of their lives, by some dictated belief system ordained by others! A life well lived, deserves to be exited in a manner that honors the person in whatever manner they choose! Namaste…


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