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Uranus Starts Backspinning In Taurus On August 11, 2019: Finally, A Positive Retrograde

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by Conscious Reminder

11th August 2019 makes Uranus turn Retrograde at 6° Taurus and this Retrograde will end at 2° Taurus on 10th January 2020.

Unlike the recent Retrograde of Mercury which caused a lot of chaos and disturbance, Uranus will bring fun and excitement. Finances and love life will benefit from this Uranus Retrograde.

Uranus is in exact conjunct with Asteroid Aphrodite, which brings further luck to our love lives.

Natal Retrograde Meaning

While Retrogrades of inner planets, like those of Venus, affect around 7% of our population, Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus – the outer planets’ – Retrograde is more common.

Uranus is associated with impulsive nature and the Retrograde only enforces this erratic nature. Its manifestations are found in aloofness, abruptness, and agitation. The Retrograde motion may also turn Uranus’ impulses inwards, which might lead to spasms, anxiety, and neurotic behavior.

Uranus blesses us with originality, intuition, and ingeniousness. The eccentricities of Uranus helps in self-expression. These are the positives of Uranus, but in Retrograde, it gets very difficult to be in your own skin without causing problems to the self or others. Many believe Uranus Retrograde is associated with Asperger’s Syndrome and autism.

Retrograde motion’s karmic nature suggests a feeling of being cut off from those around us, mainly because of certain events of our past lives. The rebellious behavior could have labeled you as a “traitor” and might also have resulted in some sort of banishment from the community because of your differences in behavior in those lives.

Erratic nature and unreliability may have been the sources of your problems for many incarnations. For this life, your relationship issues and events will be highlighted as challenges as the Uranus Retrograde approaches. The best way to tackle this time period is by being yourself and not upsetting thing the way they are.

Transition Of The Retrograde

Uranus in Retrograde moves 4° backward. This Retrograde, being a regular cycle, lasts for 155 days each year. You can utilize this time to make inner changes as responses to the external changes taking place in your life.

For some time now, you have been pushing things for some major change, but to no avail. The transition of Uranus now will bring in the internal changes necessary in your behavior which will lead to those much-awaited changes in your life. The Retrograde gives you time to process your internal thoughts and then as Uranus turns direct, they will have their external manifestation.

The Retrograde will give you better self-awareness along with the necessary insights to rectify your erroneous ways. You cannot forcefully bring about change with disruptions and rebellions. The Retrograde will guide you to calmer internal changes.

Uranus In Retrograde

While Uranus turns Retrograde on 11th August, it also trines with the Moon, bringing in some positivity. During this trine, have faith in your intuition, and move ahead with your romantic life. This influence brings in open-mindedness and social influences so chance encounters and new friends might be waiting for you.

People from other cultural backgrounds will attract you now. This is also a good phase to do new things with your routine or even your home environment. Use the energy of the Moon and the Uranus Retrograde to break out of bad habits, including all unhealthy relationships.

This Retrograde also absorbs the good vibes of Venus and the Sun’s conjunction. This will bring in love, harmony, beauty, and peace. Creativity, finances, and romance will draw your attention as a result of this Venus conjunct Sun.

You can utilize this time to seek pleasure through entertainment, amusement, and parties, but remember to go back home and relax. Shopaholics are in for a treat as your bargaining skills will be sharpened along with your fashion sense.

Uranus conjunct Hamal: Uranus in conjunction with the fixed star Hamal brings for us pleasantness, increased sensitivity, and intense passions. It tends to turn us into people who are easily influenced, weak natured, and prone to detrimental habits. Under this conjunction, many often die due to distressing circumstances.

Asteroid Aphrodite also joins Uranus in this Retrograde. The asteroid is named after the Greek goddess of beauty, love, pleasure, and sex. Wiccans consider Aphrodite as one of the aspects of the Goddess and consider her the ruler of erotic spirituality, human emotions, and creativity.

Although the Retrograde is a long one, of over 5 months, it does not include much disturbances. The ride should a smooth one, with the focus turning on internal changes in the latter half of 2019.

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