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9 Psychic Attack Symptoms You Need To Know About

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

A psychic attack is considered to be a negative energy that somebody sends with the intention of harming a person, their life or even their family.

The harm can be of any kind- emotional, physical or mental. People are unaware that they are being attacked. However, there are certain symptoms that indicate that they are the victim of a psychic attack. To know what these symptoms are, continue reading:

1. Splitting Headaches

Even though this might seem to be a pretty basic thing, this actually holds importance. These headaches occur randomly, precisely when you’re feeling unhappy. There is no particular reason behind these headaches.

2. Exhaustion

You will begin to feel tired without doing excessive labor. Your body will begin to give up and you will start to ignore your daily work. Even without doing anything throughout the day, you’ll feel fatigue.

3. Self-Doubt

Your head will be full of self doubt and you won’t be able to give your 100% to anything. You will see confidence leave your body and mind and you will question everything, even yourself.

4. Bad dreams

Since your days are weary, these will have effect on your sleeping patterns and dreams as well. You will begin to see a lot of nightmares precisely because your mind isn’t at peace.

5. Sleepless nights

As fear will take over your mind, your sleeping pattern shall be disturbed. You will no longer get complete sleep.

6. Negative in general

You will be surrounded by negative thoughts and aspects. They will cover you like think black clouds, preventing any positive ray of light entering your life. Your mind will be full of negative thoughts and they will seem convincing to you.

7. Unexplained Pains

Your will experience random body-aches. These aches may not have any particular reason for occurrences. You might also see bruises on your body and not know where they came from.

8. Clouded mind

You will lose your focus and your mind will no longer be able to pay attention to important things. Your vision will be overshadowed.

9. Feeling of being watched

You will always feel like someone is following you and it’s going to make you feel uncomfortable.

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