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The Era Of The Feminine: The Healing Of The Divine Masculine

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When the masculine goes through the process of healing, the feminine has to give up on that.

They cannot do or say anything which is going to cause the masculine to move during this period. It is their journey during which they need to walk the path alone. In fact, twin flames are not rescuing one another as they aren’t codependent.

When the feminine is trying to help more or trying to find validation from this divine masculine, the masculine is going to push away even more. This can be confusing for the divine feminine, but on the level of the soul, the masculine knows that they are on this journey alone. They are going to find the way home on their own.

Detach, detach, detach, and then surrender. There will no longer be something to which they can hold on. The divine feminine will be keenly conscious of this right now. So, they are going to be forced to go back to self again and again, when they resist.

Usually, we focus a lot on those divine feminine energies, so that we tend to forget the good energies of the masculine. Those that work closely with feminine energies have the mission to help balance that divine feminine.

However, there are those who have very close connections with the divine masculine energies. They experience not just wisdom and strength that this masculine has, but they also experience a compassionate and loving side.

The masculine should not be seen as incompetent and weak. They do an unbelievable job when it comes to raising vibrations.

Twin flames represent energetic connections which are never separated. During the last several years, whereas the feminine energies were rising, those of the masculine actually held some space for them.

However, now when the masculine rises, the divine feminine was required to hold some space for them. When both of them go through rough times, we can even imagine what effects it can have on combined energy. Those that would like to help their twin flames should focus on having their energy balanced.

They are going to become even stronger in the capacity of balancing as we are going towards the Fall Equinox. Purging and triggers will be quickly overcome. And, healing will be efficient and fast.

During this phase, the major focus of feminine is a mission. New ideas and projects will create excitement. Although the future will not be clear, the puzzle’s pieces will be lining up.

Although it can feel as we are miles away, we will actually work close to each other. We should not let our ego tell us otherwise. Each of us has our own role; however, it is everything just part of more significant plays.

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