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6 Signs That Indicate A Connection From A Past Life

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Did you ever meet someone for the first time but immediately knew that you will get along with them extremely well?

It can be a powerful synergy that can happen between two random strangers. But, if you believe in past lives, then it’s possible you were familiar with that stranger at a different time and place.

Many spiritualists, psychics, and people belonging to different religions believe that we have connections that carry over from our past lives. If you ever felt the need to know if one of your acquaintances is from a past life, then here are 6 things you can do.

1. Past-Life Compatibility According To Astrology

If you find yourself often asking if your partner is from one of your past lives, then the stars may hold the answer. Your birth chart according to astrology can be especially insightful.

Synastry is an astrological branch that can be used for comparing birth chart compatibility among two or more people. The same thing can be used for identifying relationships from past lives as well.

The South Lunar Node is specifically associated with our past lives, so aligning South Nodes can be a strong indicator that the relationship is from a past life.

2. Listen To Your Gut Regarding Past-Life Connections

Sometimes, all it takes to know if a relationship is from the past is simply noticing your first impressions or emotions towards them. Your gut will usually give a noticeable feeling when you meet some that were significant in your past life. The reaction is usually either bad or good, and seldom neutral.

Sometimes, the energetic attraction is a lot more intense. For example, when someone “falls in love at first sight”. Such occurrences are powerful indicators that the person was important in some way in the past.

3. Both Of You Gravitate Towards Each Other

People who have shared past lives are also known as soulmates. They can appear in the present life in all kinds of different forms. A soulmate from a past life does not necessarily have to be a lover. Rather, they can come as family members, colleagues, or friends.

However, no matter the form, there is a common theme in every connection from a past life – that the both of you strongly seek each other out. This can imply that there is some unfinished business that needs sorting between the two of you.

4. Confusing Relationship Dynamics

At times, relationship dynamics can feel unexpectedly reversed or confusing. This can be caused by some action from the past. The two of you might be playing different roles than what was in the past.

If someone says that they feel like a mother to someone else, then it is a powerful indicator that the two are acting some kind of karmic balancing.

5. Lose Track Of Time When In The Company Of A Past-Life Connection

There are friendships that last the entire life – and perhaps even more than one lifetime. As such, all of us have that one friend who we may not be in touch with for years.

But, somehow, nothing seems to have changed the next time we talk. These relationships that feel timeless can point towards it being a connection from a past life.

6. People Are Not The Only Connections That Carry Over From Past Lives

Just like people, we can share past-life connections with animals or pets as well. If you are attracted to a particular breed without any explanation, then it might be an attraction that has been carried over from a past life.

In the same way, some animals can find humans due to their souls being linked from a previous life. However, we cannot ask animals about their feelings, so we just have to trust our instincts on this one.  

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