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The Power Of Being An Empath Warrior

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by Conscious Reminder

Those who are empaths are blessed with many gifts. They are compassionate, intuitive, complex individuals who easily connect with the people around them. This is only heightened when they unleash their warrior spirit.

Warrior empaths are aware of their own weaknesses so they take the time to care for themselves. They have a few tips and tricks handy so that they can maintain their strength even while facing an onslaught of negative emotions from the people around them.

If you are struggling to do this for yourself, try out these methods and wait for the change.

5 Warrior Empath tools

1. Express gratitude

When you wake up each morning, remember to be thankful for all that you have instead of worrying about your to-do list. This encourages the flow of positive energy into your body and helps you live in the present.

2. Meditate

Perform a simple, 3 minute heart meditation at set intervals every day. This will keep you stable and ensure that you are not overwhelmed by the emotions you pick up from others. You’ll feel stronger and much more in control of your own feelings.

3. Mindful breathing

Practice controlled breathing whenever you can. Feel the toxicity flowing out of you when you breathe out, and welcome everything positive when you breathe in. Cleansing yourself in this manner will keep you from becoming bogged down with anxiety.

4. Strengthen your intuition

When your gut tells you something, listen very closely, especially when it comes to people. This will help you guard against those who will only drain the life out of you. Only keep those who bolster you and let go of those who diminish you. Draw a line and don’t let anyone cross it.

5. Love yourself

In this whole universe, there is no one else quite like you. You are rare and beautiful. Never forget this. Accept each and every part of yourself and glory in the person that you are.

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