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3 Types Of Heavenly Beings That Assist The Earth

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by Conscious Reminder

We meet a lot of people in our daily lives and while some make us feel like they have been deported straight from Hell, others make us thank our stars!

The second category consists of Celestial Beings, also known as angels. These messengers of God have individual responsibilities and live in three spheres, two of which are nearer to God and the third sphere is a midway between Heaven and Earth.

Spirits Of The Third Sphere

The Principalities – like everywhere else, the angels too have a hierarchy and these occupy the highest rung. They bridge the gap between the higher spheres and the angels residing on earth. They are competent rulers and look after all important walks of life.

Nations, cultures, institutions are benefited by them.  Depicted usually with a crown on their head and scepter in their hand, they follow God’s word and save humanity from Chaos. They spread education and protect when mortals are in danger.

The Archangels – they are the Chiefs of the angelic groups. Their duty is to govern over the lower choir of angels and see that they do not deviate from the set rules. Occupying a pivotal role in the Bible, Gabriel, Michael, Uriel and Raphael communicate the message of God to man.

The number of archangels varies across culture from 4 to infinite. They are said to have an aura of light that distinguishes them from other angels and share an intimate bond with mortals, guiding them.

Angels – closest to humans, every aspect of earth has its own angel or patron, be it water, air, fire or soil. They are said to guard newborns and live amidst nature. They have halos and wings, appearing like a strong ray of light.

The Celestial Beings were created by God to assist him in ruling over the vast Universe and keep an eye on mere mortals so that they do not go astray.

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