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What Is A Witch Mark, And Do You Have Any?

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by Conscious Reminder

What are Witch Marks? There are numerous stories, legends, and traditions about how to tell who is and is not a witch. However, due to our perception, a Witch can be (or become) anyone for as long as he or she wishes. This is due to the fact that we have all inherited the divine Grace.

Who are the Real Witches?

The Old Ones, on the other hand, believed that the Witch was the one who stood between the Realms of Humans and Spirits. A Witch was thought to be truly divine, and Witches were sometimes thought to be incarnated deities from all over the world. Most of the time, these Witches bore “Witch Marks.” But what exactly are these marks? Could Witch Marks be a reference to the genetic inheritance of our deepest talents?

What are the Witch Marks?

Even the term “Witch Marks” is fraught with connotation in the witchcraft community, as it conjures up images of the Witch Craze, which resulted in the deaths of many innocent men, women, and children. However, knowledge is power, and knowing the truth can enlighten us and help us make better decisions based on more facts. But first, let us clear our minds and study what we do know.

What’s the Devil’s Mark?

Witch Marks have historically been associated with Witch Hunting because, according to the documented Witch Trials, these marks were proof that one was a Witch. Witch was a synonym for Devil’s servant at the time, which is why all of the following were misinterpreted. Please keep in mind that the Witches’ mark, the Devil’s mark, and the Cain’s mark are all essentially the same mark. According to inquisitors, “the devil’s mark” was believed to be the devil’s permanent marking on his initiates to seal their deal and thus their obedience and eternal service to him. In fact, the Witch was thought to be marked by the devil at the end of the dark nocturnal initiation rites.

What’s the Witch’s Nipple / Witch’s Tit ?

Another type of Witch Mark was thought to look like a nipple. This was known as the Witch Teat (or tit). It was thought that their “familiar,” which was actually a disguised imp, was supposed to climb on Witch’s body and suck out the witch’s blood (a clear vampiric act – again nothing to do with real witches). This bond provided the witch with familiar power, which she later used in her dark spells. “…She had been a witch for ten years when she opened her breast and the black man gave her two little things like young cats and she put them to her breast and suckled them they had no hair on them and ears like a man” Bernard, Rosenthal. “Salem Witch Trial Records.” 2009, Cambridge University Press.

Witches were priests and priestesses of the Old Religion and therefore they – most definitely – didn’t even know who the devil is.

Of course, the truth is very different from what the inquisitors preached. Although dealings with the devil were part of the practice of a few Witches, the majority of Witches had nothing to do with the devil or any demon. Witches were Old Religion priests and priestesses, so they almost certainly had no idea who the devil was.

Are you a reincarnated Witch ?

The Wise Ones considered the Witches’ Mark to be extremely important. In various spiritual traditions, an initiation took place when a Witch was ready to receive and learn his/her powers (perhaps the individual had an epiphany or was of the appropriate age, or an omen was presented). By the end of this Rite, a nail scratch, tattoo, bite, or pricking with a sharp instrument such as a knife was made in order to “mark” the individual with the same sacred symbol that the Coven (or Religion) primarily uses – this is the origin of modern tattoos. Tattoos were used for both spiritual and magical purposes.

Ritual Markings

This is a minor sacrifice that identifies the Witch as a member of the group. Furthermore, a drop of blood was leaking from the Witch’s scratch, bite, or pricking and was used as a sacrifice for the Coven and the higher spirit. Blood is thought to be a carrier of Life Force and also bears the individual’s “Spiritual Signature.” During these Rites, the individual was “connecting” with Higher Forces, such as the Moon Goddess Diana. By becoming one with the God or Goddess, the Witch was transcending time and space, and she hoped that Artemis / Diana would always be by the apprentice’s side, not just for one life, but for many.

You could be a re-incarnated Priest of Priestess of the Old Religion. Look for the Witch Marks. Examine your body. Look closely. Invite a friend you trust for help maybe.

This is why the initially artificial Witch Mark was thought to transcend the current life-span and be re-produced as birthmarks in subsequent incarnations. One who has been initiated in the Ancient Mysteries, according to Witchcraft, could be born in this era and bear some mysterious birthmarks. Sybil Leek, the famous Witch, for example, believed in them and claimed that she and other members of her family possessed them. Because this could imply that the Witch’s magical powers from previous lifetimes have followed her in this lifetime as well. What types of birthmarks are there? Let’s see…

Types of Witch Marks:

  • blue and red dots
  • port-wine stains
  • moles
  • warts
  • other scars and scratches

On your skin, these marks could form a sigil or glyph. Examine your entire body. Take a close look. Invite a trusted friend for assistance. You’ll learn more about your body this way. It goes without saying that if you notice anything unusual, you should consult your doctor.

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