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Rat Dreams: This Is What They Mean

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Although most of us have dreams every night, it’s still not clear what’s the purpose behind them is!

On an average we have 4 to 6 every night, which is quite amazing and each of these dreams might even be half an hour or longer in duration.

Many believe that dreams are a way of conversing with the spiritual world. We can connect to the other realm through our dreams, intuitions and other senses. It’s also said that dreams express our subconscious which might signify hidden emotions, issues or feelings.

The things we see in our dreams perhaps have a message for us to implement in our lives. However, what does having dreams of rats mean?

Meaning Behind Dreaming of Rats

Symbolizes the dark aspects of your personality

Rats are considered to be quite unpleasant because of their contribution to spreading diseases, dirt and other disasters. Hence it might hint at some negative traits in you. It can also be an alarm for you to change your bad ways.

Lack of self-confidence

We don’t consider rats to be trustworthy and so it might mean that you have low self-belief and self-confidence. It’s important to love yourself, develop your self-esteem and trust to get better.

Spiritually Speaking

Rats are seen as messengers from the spiritual realm, representing brand new opportunities and beginning. You need to be alert to recognize these chances. These would also bring changes, good or bad, which you must deal with courage.

Need for Reorganization 

When we visualize rats, we always see them in dirty, rotten places. Seeing rats in your dreams basically means you need to de-clutter your chaotic life.

Embrace balance, harmony and order in your life by letting go of all emotional and physical garbage. This will help make space for new opportunities to come in.

Basically, it is not something to be afraid of. The dreams are helping you to take charge of your life and sort it out.

Invest time, love and effort in yourself to see positive things happen.

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