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Are Angels A Work Of Fiction Or Are They Real?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Angels are a dubious entity. No one can verify their existence, and claims are made similar about the presence of UFOs.

Despite that, people tend to overthink simple incidents, and exaggerate them to a proportion Alexander Pope would be proud of.

Nevertheless, we can’t simply brush it off as fanaticism towards an idea, and actually delve deep into the construct of angels, that movies, TV shows, and books have promoted. Was Angel Gabriel a real being? Or is it Bible, telling us that going against it is a blasphemy?

Angels are simply beings made of light who guide humans, as they traverse this life to ascend to the next.

In many paintings of the Renaissance period, it has been seen that the angels are residing in the clouds, usually with wings, and a harp in their hand.

This renaissance painting might be simply fanciful imagination, but people have started understanding, or relating angels as divine interventions that will always be by our side, helping us through this mortal plane of being, where we are always burdened by the question, “Who am I?”

To connect with angels, take a deep breath, and focus all your control towards the center of your heart, silence your mind, and imagine being engulfed by a ball of pure light.

Next, think that this light is pervading every single cell of your body, and relaxing your heart later, visualize an orb of light, that feels so tangible, that it resonates positive energy all over you.

This is your angel, someone who is always up there, looking down at you, knowing that you are the master of your own actions, but also following through Newton’s Second Law of Motion, wherein it states that a body at rest continues to be in a state of rest, until an external force is applied on that body.

Equating this in the present scenario, it symbolizes your angel pushing you in the correct direction, when all seems lost, and hope seems to be fading away.

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