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How To Better Channel The Energies Of Mother Nature And Make Them Work In Your Favor

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by Conscious Reminder

Mother Earth can be said to be the enigmatic and magical source of delight and wonder.

From all those colors of the sunrise to all those hypnotic lights of full moons, Mother Earth provides an infinite beauty and awe; however, she actually does a lot more than only creating spell-binding views.

It creates the most beautiful, life-affirming, and amazing experiences we experience from the connection to our Mother Earth. The seasons of Mother Earth are our opportunity for rebirth, rest, and even recreation.

These are some reasons why we should communicate with Mother Earth:

Limitless abundance

Regardless of the fact if we grow our vegetable garden, looking to our moon, stars, and sun for guidance, choosing crystals or herbs for healing, Mother Earth will give us everything that we need. When we appreciate and are aware of something, we will look after that something, meaning that Mother Earth isn’t an exception. In order to present us the gratitude she has, she gives us the ability to seek provision from her own resources too.

Intuitive empowerment

In fact, our intuition and psychic abilities are actually enhanced when respecting Mother Earth, because they find the natural home in the warm embrace she gives them. While we appreciate her, we also absorb the healing energies or vibrate at various frequencies following her rhythms. In this way, Mother Earth is sharing the divine powers she owns with us too.

Joy and happiness on tap

When we are in nature, it will boost our feel-good energies, and clear our minds, or even inspire us to act and think creatively. When positively energized, we may focus much better on bringing some joyful experiences in our lives. In fact, nature will give us a lot of wonderful opportunities, in order to become profoundly connected to psychic selves. Walking mindfully in our nature will make us become conscious of improved sensory experiences, or their powers. Mother Nature will remind us about the fact that we form part of everything we see, and that we form part of her too.

Here is a walking meditation in order to connect ourselves with this world placed beneath our feet.

Every time we feel like we need to harmonize and ground our energy, simply being in nature, we should perform this:

When we start our walk, we should ask our Mother Nature for some help, in order to find the solution to problems we are facing;

We should focus on our breath and permit ourselves to hear, see, or feel ourselves being supported;

We should be aware of the fact that Mother Nature is simply our stride’s power, the air present in our lungs, or our heart’s beating;

We should listen to the answers she gives, and we are going to solve our problems, and even gain peace;

We should stop for some time and close our eyes. We should place our hands over our heart, simply thanking her for everything she does for us. We are one part of Mother Earth, her love’s essence, and also the spark which keeps igniting her soul. 

We should remember that Mother Earth really loves us.

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