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The Most Important Astrological Events In November 2021

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by Conscious Reminder

November is already here before we even realize it! This means the time has come to reverse daylight savings, slowly dip into the daze of the holiday season, and make cuffing season official.

November 2021’s astrology is both exciting and transformational. As it marks the start of an eclipse season, change is guaranteed to happen. November’s astrological events will be important for all signs.

November 4: New Moon & Super Vibes Of Scorpio

November’s starting few weeks will make up the majority of the 2021 Scorpio season. The season will connect us with the mysteries of life, our darkest secrets, and deepest feelings.

Mars, the planet of action, will also be in Scorpio during this month. It means a concentrated force of energy, a powerful intent to chase our goals, and an increased libido too.

The raw intensity of Scorpio will peak on 4th November under a New Moon. On the day, the moon and the sun will get together while squabbling with Uranus and opposing Saturn. This may stir our emotions and make us learn a new set of guidelines to live our lives by,

This stronghold in Scorpio will be further emphasized by Mercury entering the sign on 5th November – forming a rare “stellium”. This movement will make us a bit more private when it comes to communications.

On 10th November, Mercury’s alignment with Mars will be a great chance for digging beneath our desires while getting started on our target.

Venus Entering Capricorn Will Ground Us

On 5th November, Venus will enter Capricorn, which will make us approach our finances and love lives more straightforwardly and grounded. This transit will make us gravitate towards security, longevity, and stability rather than risks or flings.

The energy of Capricorn is also associated with practical investments. As such, we will avoid wasting precious money or time on things or people that will not benefit us in the long term.

A New Cycle Of Eclipses & A Full Moon

On 19th November, the month’s Full Moon will take place in Taurus. The lunation will also form a lunar eclipse. Eclipses are associated with endings, sudden revelations, as well as surprising twists. So be prepared to face some changes that will shake your foundations.

This will also be a particularly important lunation since it is a Taurus/Scorpio axis eclipse after 2014. Over the coming 2 years, there will be 7 more eclipses on the axis. As such, the Full Moon will signal the starting of fateful and important changes regarding our energetic bonds, possessions, and values.

Sagittarius Season Means It’s Party Time!

On 21st November, the Sun will enter Sagittarius. It will also signal the beginning of the holiday season with a little extra excitement and optimism. Sagittarius is a fire sign that is mutable.

It is also filled to the brim with luck, adventurousness, and open-mindedness. So we will feel more extroverted and prepared to make a connection with our surrounding world.

On 24th November, Mercury will also enter Sagittarius to join the Sun. This will amplify our want to broaden our system of beliefs as well as find new ways of looking at life. The sun’s alignment with Mercury will be in a conjunction aspect that is perfect for the final time in this year on 28th November (PT)/29th November (ET).

This will form a connection called the Mercury cazimi. It will be an amazing time for chasing interests that are higher-minded, taking up chances to try new things, as well as acting in any way possible that broadens your horizons.

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