New Moon In Taurus, May 15th: Things Will Be Shaking And Breaking

by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon in May is supposed to fall on the 15th, with Algol, the star of beheading getting into action. We all know what Trump is doing with Syria and it is honestly no surprise that his Algol is in midheaven.

When Trump came into power with his “Make America Great Again” slogans, he became quite the hero, just like Persues, and rightly so, given his speeches and rallies. His regulus Mars was on the rise and there was no power that could keep him down or from winning the election.

What is worrying are his recent activities regarding Syria. It is easy to tell that Algol is at work here with its ill famed habits.

The New Moon is generally very good with the sign of Taurus but there is a catch in this one- the influence of Saturn.

There will obstacles in everyone’s paths. This period is probably great for people who work around and with sadness and other such things but for others, it might be tough.

That being said, all of this does not mean that one cannot find any success in this period. The Moon is sensitive but not absolutely insufferable.

There is also a tendency of drug abuse and alcohol abuse in this period, so one must be careful. It might so happen that you feel like nothing will ever go right in your life and your fate is always going to lead to unhappiness.

One might also feel like they will never get past this period of pain but the good news is, you will find yourself stronger when this period is over as you will have fought all your demons at their strongest. There might be depression but if you believe in yourself, you will get over that too.

One might also find that they are having nightmares but keeping your mind off the negativity of the world can do wonders. If you do succeed in keeping the negativity of your surroundings at bay, you will see that your nightmares have turned into beautiful, inspiring messages. It is all in you!

The two stars of the New Moon, also have distinct features, Capulus and Algol.

Capulus might bring difficulties in your environment and you might see that you do not feel accepted and other such things, but Algol is the real deal. It is ill famed in many cultures. It is so full of violence that the Hebrews actually call it the Satan’s head, as it has to do with Lilith, who has a bad reputation in Mythology.

Algol brings violence and all kinds of deformities with it. Its effects can be seen in your sex drive- insane amounts of either increase or fall. Another signification of this star is that it is a part of Medusa’s head that was cut off. You get the drift.

So let us discuss the New Moon. Things do not look good but they will not be the ultimate. They might bring upon some pretty terrible things in regard to whatever is going on in Syria but the small mercy here is that the leaders cannot call out war as and when they please.

The Middle East looks a little bleak keeping the budding friendship of Theresa May and Trump in mind but let us hope for the best.

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