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Why Twin Flames Feel Deep Void When They Are Not Together

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

First of all, let’s understand one thing: Twin-flames and soulmates, despite similarities, are not the same.

Where soulmates are our spiritual complements, twin-flames are our spiritual mirrors.

This makes most twin-flame relationships very intense and very passionate. But sadly enough, this the same thing that makes their relationship one of those on-again-off-again things. After all, one does end up getting done with oneself more often than not.

Imagine a room, with furniture and two mirrors facing each other, but at an angle. A spectator can make sense of the room’s geography using the image he sees in the mirror.

Unlike straight mirrors facing each other the image would not be endless and confusing; instead it would be just enough to pique curiosity.

Same goes with twin-flames and this is the reason why they are so important if you manage to find them: they help you know yourself far better than any other method would. They end up showing you things you never knew about yourself.

Moreover, there is one similarity between twin-flames phenomenon and the soulmate event: both are predestined and if it helps, recommended by the universe.

The fact that they are so rare proves my point. They are special.

Believe us, we know, whenever you miss each other, the other feels you in their very gut, their soul.

Telepathy, which comes natural to you two makes matters worse, as it makes you yearn for each other even more when you are apart.

There is an unbearable feeling of emptiness and nihilistic sorrow when twin-flames detach. The missing happens on both sides and as a result, the pain is twice as much.

It happens simply because, you two are meant to be together: despite trials physical, mental or spiritual you two are meant to be together.

You two are meant to be on a journey of mutual self-discovery that will unearth better versions of both of you from each other.

You two are meant to light up lives by finding each other and the universe wanted to help you by helping you two be together.

So do not fret with longing: instead take the first step towards re-unification.

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