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Is Reality Just An Illusion?

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We have often seen in sci-fi movies and fan blogs, the repeated saying – reality is an illusion. But is reality really an illusion? And if it is so, how does it matter?

Well, the saying is partially correct: reality is an illusion. Even science seems to approve of it.

What is Reality?

Reality is actually energy. Everything that we see around us is energy on the smallest level. The equation E = MC^2 actually proves it. Most people fail to find the relation between the two. The equation signifies Energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared. So, mass is equal to energy. And everything we see around us, every matter has mass in it, even air. So, what is this matter except little blocks of energy slowed down to a measurable physical frequency?

Energy is everywhere. Energy is everything.

So, why do we see things differently

So, if the world is all energy then why do we experience it differently? It can’t just be energy after all.

This just comes down to individual perception. Our sense organs are how we perceive the world and they can take in different physical frequencies, sound waves and light waves. It is this information that the brain processes like a computer and then creates an image of the outside world. It is not always an accurate one. It is actually a world that has been slowed down so our perceptions can catch up with it. The other part, the metaphysical energy is just too fast for our senses to catch and so most people are just unaware of it.

Is reality real?

So, reality is something created by our perception and it may be inaccurate. That means, reality is not real, right? Nothing is real then. Well, it might seem so, if we keep up with the idea that an illusion is something that is not real. Is it so? A magician often conducts different acts of illusion and pops a rabbit out of his hat – is that not real? Doesn’t that matter? That’s the thing about reality. Reality may be an energy, it may be an illusion and there is a certain way we experience it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter! Illusions matter. And they matter a lot.

Why we are here

You have come here by choice. You may not remember it, just like you do not remember all the previous lives that you have lived. But you were a soul in a different plane and you made a choice to be a human being in this reality for a reason. The reason to create.

You should respect that choice.

And that is what this illusion of reality offers you. It gives us the endless freedom to create something. The subatomic particles are powered by energy to be made into atoms, and they in turn make up all the things around us. We are also made of energy, atoms make up the vessel of flesh and blood that we live in and we can use this energy to create so much more.

This is what makes us human.

In the grandest scheme of the universe we are just a miniscule element. But we are a miniscule element with a purpose – someone who matters.

And we can do so much

When you live your life, you are always creating something new, making patterns, adding meaning to different meaningless things, connecting them and creating something beautiful out of it. Even alone, you are capable of this immense act of meaning-making – capable of loving, of uniting and creating a thing, numerous things, of beauty and joy.

So, is reality just an illusion? No, the illusion is itself the reality. And we live in it and create it every day of our life.

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