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Gaia Consciousness On The Rise

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We have long since abused our wonderful planet and all its resources. But the time of mindlessly abusing resources without any reckoning of our actions is coming to a close.

Apathy and ignorance can no longer be sustained. Time has come for us to make changes in the way we live and interact with our planet. Consider this time as a final waking up call lest it is too late.

During the years 2018 to 2026, we will be directed towards our own attitudes towards our planet and how it needs to change. Though there are many things at work here, the major driving force for this change is going to be the transition of Uranus in the house of Taurus.

So why is this combination going to help us awaken? This is because Taurus is the sign associated with the earth and Gaia (the Earth goddess) most closely. And according to Greek Myths, Uranus and Gaia are lovers.

So it is the coming together of these two that is going to finally focus our attention on everything that is wrong with the way we treat our only nurturer.

This will be the time when we finally accept our collective responsibility towards Mother Nature and how we have been neglecting them so far. The time for shifting blame and ignoring clear signs of global warming are over.

Now is the time to bring changes through our actions, understanding and attitude. Practicing and looking for sustainable sources of energies in everything we do.

At the same time, all those measures will not be enough, unless we also pay attention to our vibes. Negative vibes also create a kind of pollution- energy pollution. Now you might not think that it is important but it is.

Because our vibes don’t just tell how we feel, but also indicate our attitude towards ourselves and things, people and beings around us. When we have positive vibrations, we actually help heal others too, directly or indirectly.

However, if we let our ego and insecurities take over- we will get (and spread) nothing but misery.

We need to be mindful of the kind of energy we put out into the world. You might seem like small and insignificant to yourself, but you matter. And you can help bring the much needed shift in consciousness about the state of our planet.

On that topic, there is a very high probability of the next few years seeing some big scale natural calamities- both as the result and warning for our unruly abuse of the resources of our planet.

In ancient times, Gaia was revered and treated as a living being. We need to learn to look at her like that again. We also need to understand that all of us are one and united in this.

We need to work together to bring up the positive vibrations of our planet. As well as work on small, yet sustainable changes that do not further destroy our planet.

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