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Have You Been Seeing 777 Quite A Lot? Here Is Why

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by Conscious Reminder

Have you been seeing the number 777 around a lot? On your receipts or on the side of a bus? Have you seen the number 777 just enough times in the recent days that makes you feel that it has to be something more than a mere coincidence? Well you are on the right track.

Seeing such magical numbers frequently, such as 777 is called synchronicity. This is a way for the universe and your Spiritual guides to communicate with you.

Since they cannot contact you directly, they are showing you this sign to draw your attention to something important. Though it is different for different people, but here are the three most common reasons for you to see the 777 Synchronicity:

You are in harmony with the universe

The most common reason to observe this synchronicity is that the universe and your Spiritual guides are giving you a thumbs-up. They want to tell you that you are finally on the right path and you should continue this way. You are in sync with the purpose that the universe has destined you for.

Seeing the number 777 is like a pat on the back for doing something you were supposed to do and doing it well. Other than the 777 synchronicity you’d also find that your overall mental and physical well being is better. You are expanding your mindset and life is comparatively happier than before; all of which means that you’re on the right path.

Your awareness about yourself is expanding

You realize that your true potential lies somewhere higher and you are focusing on reaching that point. And for this you need to be aware of who you truly are. This is easier said than done. In the world we are living in, we put on mask after mask to fit in with the crowd and to make it by.

By beneath all these masks the true essence of who we are gets lost. To the point that even we can’t find it. Seeing the 777 synchronicity could be a sign that you need to keep your search for finding the truth about you on. You can’t give up and your every action should contribute towards making you more aware about your own reality.

It is time to put in action what you’ve learned

There can be a time in everyone’s life when they know a lot but don’t know how to apply that knowledge to their lives. In such times the universe finds a way to make us believe in ourselves and help us to feel ready. 777 synchronicity is one way in which the universe tells you that you have learnt and read enough.

Now is the time to implement your hard earned new knowledge. The lessons from your meditation and research are now ripe to be put into practice. If after doing so, you also happen to see the 555 synchronicity a lot, it means that you have now become a master. Your awakening has progressed one step further.

What next?

The fact that you’re seeing synchronicities and receiving signals from your Spiritual guides means that you are well on your path towards Spiritual enlightenment. Now all that you have to do is keep going forward. You’ve experienced a lot of tough times in the past but all of that was necessary to help you reach where you are today.

Have faith in the greater powers guiding your movement that there will be an end of the troubles. Let them guide you towards new people, new experiences and new ideologies which will not just expand your worldview but also further your quest for Spiritual enlightenment.

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