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November 11th Is The Luckiest Day Of The Year. This Is How It Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

Numerology considers number 11 as a “master number”. It is linked with the spiritual realm and angels. And this year, the astrological charts too have something important to say to you.

The 11:11 portal this year is there to connect powerful planets. The Sun/Mercury conjunction in Scorpio with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn is there to help us understand fears and abuses from a new perspective.

Neptune being in Pisces acts as an anchor who is going to envelop the day with healing water.  This is also the day just before the Taurus Full Moon. As the Mercury Retrograde aligns with the Sun in Scorpio, they will oppose the Full Moon on 11/11. This will bring intellectual clarity which might oppose our emotions.

The mysterious Scorpio too is adding its charm to the day. It will help you reach the deep trenches of your mind on 11/11. Overall, as the numerological and astrological powers of the day combine, 11/11 is a great day to reach higher energies.

Here’s what awaits for the zodiacs on 11/11:


11th November is a flourishing day to create new business strategies and make success a reality.  You will be taking control of things and this power will boost both your personal energies and finances. Use the energy of the day to boost your confidence and fix goals focused on your career and finances.


This day may bring back some past relationship which will shine light on some previous issues. Apart from that, be very alert throughout the day. Pay attention to everything, irrespective of how insignificant things might seem. Every person you come across will teach you something new so don’t miss on anything.


With your ruler Mercury receiving much attention on this day, you will be relying more on your emotional side than your intellect. You will take a lot of responsibility emotion-wise and that will be the theme through 2019-20 for you.


11/11 is also known as the Twin Flames day. With all the events taking place in another water sign, you too might find your twin flame unexpectedly now. But don’t forget the Retrograde- it usually tends to make relationships short-lived.


As Mercury is aligning with your ruler Sun, this is the best time for you to become focused. Take some time off and pay attention to yourself. Utilize the power of 11/11 and reflect on your goals. They will soon be manifested!


If you have been dodging some personal issues, they will now manifest as flu. It is the sign from the Universe for you to focus on yourself. Sometimes, the need for spiritual cleansing is manifested physically as well. You need to do some soul work and you should not delay it any further. Get to work now or January 2020 will be rather harsh on you.


Why not make a new financial strategy? Go through your sheets and plan a budget. Be careful lest you make some errors in the days to come. 11/11 brings abundance but you have to set the wheel in motion to receive the blessings.


11/11 is going to catapult you into the spotlight and you cannot avoid it now. You will be the center of attention in the coming year and this day is prepping you for this. With all the cosmic events happening in your sign, channelize their energy to express yourself creatively.


The lunar cycle that is leading to the Taurus Moon on the 12th began in your zodiac sign so now is the time for you to release previous spiritual baggage. There might be a physical manifestation of this spiritual cleansing in the form of sickness. Relax and let yourself heal.


Forget the people who left you. Perhaps that was for the best. Don’t let those experiences stop you from forming new bonds on 11th November. Your friends will now inspire you to achieve new things. 11/11 will help you focus on connections that will benefit you in the long run.


Previous projects will now come to an end and you will look forward to new work. Plan what you intend to do next. Think of the kind of energy you want in your life next and go ahead in that direction.


With all the transits in a fellow water sign, your emotions are as overwhelming as they get.  You have been evolving and so have been your philosophies.  You can use the day’s magical powers to set new goals which will help you reach higher realms.

Allow the energy of 11/11 to transform your life. The Taurus Moon along with this portal is bringing great abundance so don’t let the day go to waste. Set new intentions and see them come to fruition soon!

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