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How To Open Up And Welcome More Abundance Into Your Life?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

How many of us are sick and tired of the constant criticism and feel like some compliment will do us some good? But when acceptance does come our way, not many of us are ready to embrace it.

Being receptive to love and positivity should not be difficult for us. Happiness and abundance is the natural condition in which our soul is supposed to be. Yet, for many of us, it is far from easy.

Have You Been Conditioned to Hate Yourself?

Do you fall among the lot who are bad with compliments? Every time somebody appreciates you, you tend to think you don’t deserve it. In short, you have closed your soul to the positive energy of love and affection.

If this is you, chances are you have low self-esteem. Abuse, failure or constant criticism that you may have faced in the past has created an unhealthy pattern for you. You have come to believe deep-down that you are not good enough.

The more you self-hate, dwelling on your flaws and failing to embrace the best in you, the more prone you are to reject any good compliment that comes your way as fake and ingenuine.

You can cleanse your soul today and awaken yourself to the bounty of loving yourself in your entirety, with all your flaws and failings.

There are many ways to discover self-love. For each person, a different technique helps. However, the following two are recommendations from author, artist and wellness-expert, Amanda Gold.

Clear the Clutter

Do not bury the regrets, scars and resentments from the past. Let them out, probably by journaling, face them bravely, and let go. You might also try writing them down on paper and burning, drowning and burying them.

Again, a clean physical space helps to clear emotional junk. So, clear out your closet. Donate the extra clothes, throw out the clutter and free the energy in your home. Let the extra space in your cupboard mirror the space you have opened in your soul for happiness and self-love to pour in!

Self-Heal the Soul

You have so far only let in the negative; it is time to change your beliefs. Look at things in a new light! Trust and open your heart to positive energy from the Universe. Let the wounds heal.

Build your own retreats which make you feel loved and protected. Seek guidance in nature. Watch the flowers bloom at their own time. They are not competing with each other. Like them, do not rush the process. Celebrate the unique soul that you are with your own journey unfolding at its own pace.

The universe is sending love and abundance at your doorstep but your emotional baggage prevents you from opening to the door. Let go of the burdens of your past today and free your soul to the light of joy and happiness that you deserve!

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