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Gemini Season 2018 Astrology Predictions That Will Affect Every Sign

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As of May 20, the Sun moved into Gemini — so don’t be surprised if your phone starts lighting up with texts and missed calls.

After a winter that dragged on, Gemini’s energy is set to lift spirits and draw us outside (or, at least, outside our den of hygge-style hibernation). This is all according to Gemini season astrology predictions for every sign, which are worth brushing up on.

Gemini vibes will affect all signs — not just Geminis! Now, it’s time for all signs to get ready to dive into whatever they’ve got going on at the moment, either in their work life or romantic life, because the twins are all about being carefree.

You don’t have to have Gemini as your Sun sign to feel its effects. It’s a season, just like fall or winter or spring or summer. Because Gemini’s planetary ruler is Mercury, the planet representing communication, get ready for there to be a lot of chatter from May 20 to Jun. 21.

Luckily for the entire zodiac, we all get to soak in Gemini vibes. And according to New York-based astrologer Lisa Stardust speaking to Bustle, this Gemini season is all about “transformation” and “changeability” — two strong traits the always adaptable Gemini embraces. T

he point of transforming? For healing, of course. Stardust tells Bustle that all signs should remember to “live and let live” this season, and to move toward a more positive, carefree place.

The start of Gemini season is all about centering on healing through transformation. As Stardust tells Bustle, “This energy leads up to the full moon. The full moon [on] May 29 will shed light on truthfulness and honesty in relationships. While it may create conflicts, be prepared for a positive outcome as the full moon will create dynamic relationships to blossom and move forward.”

Stardust continues, “Listen to your heart and the higher voice in your head — this will push you towards the light and understanding others better.” In other words, during Gemini season, it’s important to be as thoughtful as possible when speaking with others — after all, as aforementioned, Mercury is the ruling planet of communication.

Be wise with your syntax. Words strike as hard as arrows, so focus on kind ways to express feelings. If you’re clashing with the people you’re surrounded by, it’s probably because we’re all going through changes at our own paces — so remember to be understanding.

The beginning of June is forecasted to be a little frustrating. Stardust explains to Bustle, “While we transform, we may feel others are lagging behind, which may cause friction in relationships.” And a date to circle on the calendar? Jun. 7. In fact, encase the date in a red heart, because it’s a “make it or break it” day for any romantic endeavors.

As we continue on into June, Mercury will enter Cancer — the sign that comes after Gemini — on Jun. 12. That will infuse communication with the sensitivity and emotion Cancer is known for. Additionally, Venus, the planet of all things beauty, love, and money, will enter Leo on Jun. 13 which will add a touch of drama to romantic situations.

As the Sun sets on Gemini season, we’ll experience a retrograde in Jupiter on Jun. 18, which will circle back to whatever happens in your life on Jun. 7. This will be a big day of growth for all signs, so be sure to be as mindful as you can.

During Gemini season, change and transformation can set us on a path to some positive life growth spurts. Do as a Gemini does and speak up, partner up, get curious, and learn a few things in order to move forward.

Source: Bustle
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