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Sandra Bullock Is A Silent Guardian Angel For Disaster Victims Around The World

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by Conscious Reminder

Sandra Bullock is not only America’s Sweetheart but a generous soul too. This multi-talented woman not only shines on-screen but off-screen as well.

While her movie appearances create all the buzz, did you know she secretly donates a million dollars every time disaster strikes? Not just the American ones, even Haiti and Japan are on the list of her donations.

Indonesia: 2004 Tsunami

Sandra came forward with a million dollars to be donated to the Red Cross when the 2004 tsunami crippled the nation. It was one of the worst tsunamis ever recorded and the relief efforts required all the donation they could get.

USA: 2005 Hurricane Katrina

When this disaster struck New Orleans, it caused damages in billions. Red Cross received a donation of $1 million from the actress which was used in the local relief efforts.

Haiti: 2010 Earthquake

Among the bunch of celebrities who came forward after the Haiti earthquake was Bullock as well. Doctors Without Borders had to carry out an emergency operation of rebuilding the country in Port-au-Prince. And Sandra donated $1 million to this post-earthquake operation for the victims.

Japan: 2011 Tsunami

When Japan witnessed one of its worst tsunamis, Sandra again helped Red Cross with another million dollars. The disaster in Tōhoku displaced many and relief operations were carried on for a long time. The Red Cross acknowledged Sandra’s help and highlighted how her contribution helped them support the country better.

USA: 2017 Hurricane Harvey

The American Red Cross yet again received $1 million to help the victims of this horrific hurricane. Sandra stated how such calamities ought to unite everyone in the country irrespective of their political stance. She reiterated how one won’t be thinking about which party they support when they are stuck in floods and their lives were potentially destroyed.

The Vice President of Communication, ARC, E. Penniman expressed her gratitude in an interview. She explained how not only Sandra’s donation helped them but her commitment would also inspire others to come forward and help.

Sandra herself has never been too vocal about her generosity. When approached, she just mentioned how she was grateful that she could be of any help. She encouraged the rest of the country to help in whatever small or big way they could.

USA: 2018 California Wildfires

The Humane Society of Ventura County received a donation of $100,000 from the actress after the wildfire blazed through California. This particular donation was used to help the animals who were stuck or injured in the fires.

The HSVC put up a statement on their site which not only thanked Sandra for her help but also explained how the money was utilized to take care of the animals. Horses, donkeys, chickens, ducks, pigs, cats, and many other species of animals were evacuated and received 24/7 care from the organization, all thanks to this wonderful woman! The organization also acknowledged how Sandra, as well as her family, had previously made smaller donations to many other NGOs as well.

Not only the HSVC, but the Red Cross also received $4 million from the actress after the wildfire.

Sandra Bullock inspires others not only with her great acting skills but also with her generous heart. We all ought to learn a lesson or two in generosity from her.

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