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Why We Are Scared Of The Dark And Why We Should Accept It

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by Conscious Reminder

For some specific reason, the witch pointy hats are colored black. The reason for that is as witches don’t equate the darkness with the evil. So, they do not fear of the dark because darkness is their ally and their friend.

Why people tend to feel afraid of the dark?

A lot of answers about the question exist, but we are going to tell you several:

First reason: Prejudice.

When we were kids, we were growing up in a society of different religions and for many of them, darkness was utilized to describe, as well as refer to evil. The childish mindset about this was also accepted by the modern culture. As a result of that, we grow up being afraid of the dark, describing it as evil. In the Jewish religion, darkness is actually the synonym of the evil reign. The devil is also called the prince of darkness.

Particularly in Europe, ‘witch’ is a term that is usually utilized for describing priestesses of Artemis that continued worshiping the Moon during the night period. It is still not clear what the fundamental Christians understood how the priestesses of the Moon were dancing somewhere at midnight.

Second reason: Sexism.

Visualize how this world, according to certain ancient beliefs, could be divided in two main categories, such as the light and the shadow, or also called Yin and Yang. In this materialistic world, everything is about balance, such as woman and man, Moon and Sun, dark and light, Ying and Yang, etc. So, as the man has been connected with Yang, the light, the woman is connected with Yin, the dark.

Every one of us knows the story about Adam and Eve. So, such religions believed that women are initiators of falling. Therefore, sin is connected with the woman and than with Yin or the dark, while the man is connected with Yang or the light and he is superior, he is the good.

Third reason: Afraid of magic.

It is a well-known fact that the fear is actually the tool which is utilized by some religions to put aside magic powers for their own purpose. Religions are often afraid of the power of an individual. In that way, they keep people in fear of the dark, as new beginnings are hidden within darkness.

We grew up being taught to fear Crone aspects of Goddesses and Gods, as there is power within them. Therefore, nowadays, they are often connected with demons.

However, darkness is actually in stability with light. Keep in mind that this does not imply that the good is in some balance with the evil there in the spiritual world. Good is created on its own and it is not a result from the war with the evil.

We as bearers of Magical Wisdom should be free from this trapping mindset. 

In Darkness our psychic powers are amplified. We no longer spend energy in vision and we focus on other senses. This is why in darkness we are more likely to feel the presence of other entities. Moreover, this is why Witches love to practice their craft. 

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