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The Virgo Season Is All About Giving A Little And Getting Back A Lot

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Although every zodiac sign has something special attached to it, Virgos especially receive a lot of flak for being too much of a perfectionist.

But that only happens when one simply looks at it from a very biased point of view, never really realizing that Virgo is way more emotional than just a perfectionist. But what is the very harm in being organized?

Some people love planning things, curating items, and making things look presentable. All the Earth signs believe in the same philosophy – they find details to be beautiful.

Virgos are passionate beings who would not leave a job undone if they can help it. This somewhat makes it appear that a Virgo is never really off their job.

Although similar to Gemini in their passion for perfection, they are different in the sense that Gemini wants to be involved in a lot of different things without really making a great job out of it all.

But a Virgo would carefully plan and organize just one task. For that gives them pleasure.

Since Mercury is the ruler of both the zodiacs, their similarities and dissimilarities are striking. The very presence of Mercury provides one with a dichotomy, a duality in these zodiacs.

But the differences are mostly due to the varied astrological element associated with the zodiacs. Gemini has the element of air, which looks for stimulating conversations, whereas Virgo has the earth as its element, which makes it way too comfortable and passionate about the human body.

All you need to do this Virgo season is simply understand the nature of its energy. You don’t have to delve too deeply into things, but even their outward look can bring forth a lot of meaning.

Just see the mess you find yourself in, and let it invoke Virgo in your household. But before that, start taking responsibilities.

Even if you are someone who likes to keep things organized, at some point, you would have to understand and take the decision to go further with your organizational skills.

Also, the very duality that Virgo is synonymous with makes one understand that the physical clutter is symptomatic of the clutter in your mind.

More so than challenging, Virgo is simply meticulous. This season is all about listening to your body and making sure that you are taking care, working out, giving it time to relax, and eating properly. All this makes it even more interesting.

After you are done taking care of yourself, see how you can go above and beyond to your society. What happens then? As they say, charity begins at home.

So after you are done taking care of who you are and what you represent, you might as well utilize the resources at your disposal, and work for the welfare of society.

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