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The Divine Masculine In The Twin Flame Union

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The twin flame male energy is said to undergo a healing process. The main aspects of this process are time and privacy. This energy transitions from false depiction of manhood to its divine form.

On the fusion of twin flames, the twin flame is likely to have a lot of emotional clashes that need to be resolved soon so that can emit pure love and light later on.

Feminine twin needs to understand something and that is that she cannot fast the pace or force the male flame to progress towards enlightenment. Everyone has their own journey and they require their own time.

Nobody can rush them. Neither can anyone walk it for them. We all have to do it for ourselves. Twin flames can only help each other. They can’t complete each other’s journeys.

When a female tries to help or one up the male, it tends to drive the man away from her. This can create confusion between both of them because the female won’t even know where she went wrong. According to her, she is just doing what she thinks she should be doing.

In such conditions, the feminine flame needs to understand when to take a step back and let an individual live and experience life.

You cannot take away ones right to learning just because you want to make it easy with them.

The attraction is mostly towards the feminine energy hence we forget about the masculine abilities. The masculine flame has abundance of love to give out.

They are capable of strength, wisdom and also providing emotional stability. They are just looking for someone to help them balance their inner turmoil.

The masculine energy is always amidst a battle within them and they are facing a lot of insecurities. They just cannot show it.

When the feminine energy rises, the masculine energy provides them with enough time to grow. To overcome their emotional imbalance, the masculine flame requires the female energy to give in and surrender themselves.

The male energy just requires inner peace and once they get that, they will make sure everything on the outside falls in place.

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