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Love Is Encoded In Our DNA

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Now take a deep breath and pay attention to how the fresh air, full of oxygen produced by the trees, fills your lungs. You can’t see air, but it’s always there. 

Love is somewhat similar to air. It may be difficult to see it, but it’s a substantial part of us and everything around us.

Under the pressure of life, experiencing hardship through personal relationships, news packed with violence, conflicts, and wars, it is easy to lose sight of love, and feel that there is no place for it in our lives.

In fact, to paraphrase Gandhi, our everyday life is full of moments of cooperation and generosity, including among complete strangers!

Love is embedded in our lives because it was encoded in our DNA through our ancestors’ evolution over the past few million years. Many scientists believe that love, in its broader sense, gave momentum to brain evolution.

Among our ancestors there were groups who were focused on understanding and caring for each other, and those who didn’t put much effort into it. This is how the genes of conscience, affiliation, friendship, altruism, romance, compassion and kindness were transmitted; in one word, the genus of Love.

The natural state of our mind is peace, harmony and no stress. That’s when Love thrives. However, this natural state of being can be easily thrown off balance if, for example, someone gives us a bad critique at work or we stumble upon a moody neighbor .

That’s when we go in a state of soul homelessness; we leave our natural habitat – our natural state of being.  We fall into the embrace of fear or anger, and love begins to look like a long-forgotten dream.

The worst is that, after a while, everything becomes normal, and even homelessness can become our home – just like we got used to shallow breathing, forgetting the fresh air.

Therefore, we need to go back to our home of Love. Let’s accept and believe in love, in our own heart – for it will support and protect us. Let’s see and believe in the love of others, even if it’s hidden or they don’t express it enough. We need to believe in love for it is as present and real as air; let’s trust love to keep our souls alive, the way we trust air to keep our bodies alive.

… Faith in love does not mean that someone will fall in love with you. It means being convinced that love is the natural state of every being!

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