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5 Times You Needed To Speak Up For Your Own Good

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by Conscious Reminder

There are a lot of moments when we try living up to the expectations of other people. We do everything against our own wishes, and we rely on other people.

We permit these people to control the whole situation so that we can maintain peace between us. More often than not, we sacrificed our happiness to see others cheerful and happy.

These are the five situations when we are supposed to speak up to defend our happiness and ourselves:

When we face harassment.

In fact, harassment is something inevitable. There will always be someone that will try to control our activities and needs in one way or another, and because of that, we will be the victim of his or her authoritarian nature.

All this will be dangerous for our mental health. We should always speak up when we believe that we are right. We should never permit others to take control or charge over some situation and permit them to do what they would like to.

When our passion drives us.

When someone talks against what we believe in, standing there and listening to him or her without saying something will become quite hard. However, we do that as we don’t want to disturb the environment’s peace, or we also believe that our reaction is not going to change his or her mindset.

However, we have to remember one thing – if we are passionate about something, we should make our perspective clear to others and also make them comprehend why we don’t share identical thoughts. Maybe it will not change people’s thought process, but it will help in changing the conversation’s path.

When we draw the needed line and limits.

Usually, people don’t understand how they should respect the boundaries and thoughts of other people when it comes to what they can accept or what they can’t.

Hence, it would be significant for us to draw the needed line in order for people to understand where they should not cross the limits. It is at times when we are completely clear about our limits and boundaries that we may speak up, particularly for ourselves, and counter or avoid other options which cause harm and damage to our well-being.

When our goal is completely clear.

There will be situations when we will need to do several things in order to benefit others; however, those things will be against our thoughts and ideas. Even though we will try to really help others by simply going against our selves that are quite important and noble, it may create gaps between us and some crucial things we should focus ourselves on.

We have to always pay better attention to some things which are significant for our happiness and well-being. Usually, it will become quite hard to avoid or ignore those around us; however, it is important for us to live our lives for ourselves, as through this, we would have the ability to reach our goals. In that way, we have to speak up for ourselves.

Protecting our “me-time.”

Our time is our most significant possession. Once we lose it, we are never going to regain it. We should take some time for ourselves and do some things which we believe are significant for ourselves.

We have to invest our time in those people we really care about or for things which will lead towards achieving our goals. Hence, we have to understand how we can use our time. It will be entirely alright to protect our most valuable type of possession.

We should try all these points every day and simply stand up for ourselves when we know that we are right.

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