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7 Ways To Energetically Clear A Space For Healing, Lightwork & Meditation

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Have you ever walked into a room or a space and felt that sort of uneasy feeling, as if you don’t feel that comfortable being there?

Perhaps the space has a sort of dull, dark feel to it or the energy feels stagnant as if it has been uninhabited for a while. Either way, you struggle to feel relaxed within this space and if you are sensitive to energy the feel of this room is going to bug you.

Before you start energy work of any kind, whether it is healing, light work or meditation, it is best to clear any negative energy from the area that you are using. Clearing the energy will help invite angels, light beings and positive astral beings to enter and be present with you whilst you do your work.

You will also find that it will be easier to go into a deeper meditative state without the distraction of feeling uncomfortable dull energy and that you may even be able to channel higher vibrational energy.

These simple methods will help to clear and uplift the energy of any room. They will also assist in protecting you and others from any negative spirits or entities that might attempt to interfere with your work.

Many of these methods can also be used for comfort and relaxation at home, the office and any personal space that you occupy on a regular basis.

1. Cleaning and Tidying

This sounds pretty obvious but so often negative energy lingers in dust, cobwebs and dirt that have collected over time. To keep the energy fluid, dirt and dust needs to be removed regularly to prevent a build up of heavy energy.

Tidying can also be helpful because it keeps the energy fresh in the room. Energy can easily become stagnant if things are left untidy and dust piles up.

Moving objects and furniture around to create the best use of the space means that energy is also being moved. Once you have tidied the place you are going to use, you will see a massive difference in the energy of the room.

2. Aromatherapy and Natural Room Sprays

Once you have cleaned and tidied up, use a natural room spray to fragrance the room. Light beings of all kinds like it when a space smells nice and it will naturally be more inviting to them if you are using a room that has a nice fragrance to it.

Not only that, but certain aromatherapy oils contain natural protective powers as well. Frankincense, Lemon, Lavender and Sage, to name a few, have been used for hundreds of years for their protective and cleansing powers. You can buy sprays or you can easily make them at home.

3. Using Sound

One of my favourite ways to purify energy in a room is to use sound. Using a Tibetan or Crystal bowl to create a sound bath can be a really effective way of cutting the negative energy and raising the vibration of the space.

After doing this ritual, you will find that any negative entities or negative residual energy will just diminish.

If you do not own a Tibetan or Crystal bowl, not to worry. Playing calm and relaxing high vibrational music will also help to clear negative energy. Try playing music that has a tone of 528 hz or 432 hz.

4. Burning Smudge Sticks

Probably the most widely known and most popular way of clearing energy is using a smudge stick such as White Sage or Palo Santo wood. The reason why it is so popular is because it is one of the most traditional ways of clearing energy and has been used for hundreds of years.

The smoke that the sage or the Palo Santo gives off when lit has protective and cleansing powers and sends negative entities running for the hills. In order to smudge yourself the traditional way, ask a friend to hold the stick waving it around your aura and use a feather to blow the smoke directly into your aura.

To smudge a room, do exactly the same thing but use the feather to blow the smoke all around the room and make sure to pay special attention to the corners, as that is where energy often gets stuck.

5. Calling Upon Light Beings, Angels and Your Spirit Guides

Asking angels or light beings to clear energy and escort any unwanted spirits is also a wonderful way of cleansing a room of bad energy. Our angels and guides are always there to help and assist us and we should not hesitate to ask them for help when we need it.

We can also say a special prayer out loud when we call upon on our angels. Words hold a vibration and if you are speaking loving words, this will automatically raise the vibration of the room.

6. Burning Candles

Fire is a fantastic spiritual cleanser that burns off negative energy. Using candles will greatly help to purify energy as well as give a beautiful illumination to the space.

I might also add that aromatherapy candles are also particularly useful, as they give a wonderful fragrance to the room, which as I discussed earlier, creates the perfect feel for angels and light beings to be present with you.

7. Visual Meditation

One of the most amazing things about the universe is that our thoughts are able to influence our reality. As such, with our mind alone, we can cleanse the space by using whatever visualisation and meditation techniques that we wish to.

One of my favourite ones is to imagine the room filled with light and to also use the colour violet. Violet is the colour of transmutation and will help to transmute the energy. I then visualise a bubble around the room so that nothing except love and light can permeate it.

These are all simple but incredibly effective methods and it is definitely worth giving them a go. If you do regular healing, light work or meditation then you may be familiar with some of these practices.

If you are new to energy work then perhaps you can pick one or two to start off with and try different ones until you find one that is right for you. Whichever method you choose, you can be sure to enjoy the uplifting feeling of using a space that has clear fresh energy.

About the Author: Arabella Lumley is the creator of smallripples.com, where she writes regularly on topics such as spirituality, consciousness and how we can create positive change in the world. She has been doing meditation and light work for over 7 years, with her aim being to raise the planetary vibration.

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