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You Will Need To Protect Your Energy If This Shift Is Making You Extra Sensitive

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Our senses tend to go into overdrive during periods of changes. These changes could be personal, or external, such as caused by the motions of the planets.

We are experiencing a similar shift these days and empaths might be finding it hard to navigate through this time. It is overwhelming and draining when you have to deal with the excess energy from your surroundings.

You can use white light visualization to protect yourself from the onslaught of extra energy. Or you can try one of the following methods to protect your own energy:

Being mindful of your company

Since you are already overwhelmed with the shifts in the planets, try to give yourself a break from other engagements.

If you know that certain people or events are bound to drain your energy even more, learn to say no. Spend time with only those with whom you won’t have to face similar problems. Avoid large gatherings.

Protecting your heart chakra

Our connections and relationships with other people in the world are formed through the heart chakra. During such times, this chakra becomes vulnerable and it is up to you to protect it. Wear a necklace crystal or similar minerals.

It is important that you believe that whichever mineral or necklace you are choosing will protect you. Believe in it, say it out loud, set an intention and then wear it.

Spend time in nature

The importance of getting away from the urban work culture cannot be stressed enough. It becomes even more important on days when you have been feeling overwhelmed by the factors which are not in your control.

Spending time surrounded by the peaceful and balancing energy of nature can do wonders for you. Choose a quiet spot and let your senses be soothed.

Reciting mantras

Sometimes the onslaught of these overwhelming energies takes you by surprise. Suppose you are in the middle of a supermarket where you can’t seek out a quiet spot or get away as quickly as is needed.

In such situations, distracting yourself is your best bet. You can do it by humming some tune which soothes you or by repeating reassuring mantras. Such as, “I am safe. Nothing will harm me.”, “I am at peace. I am Light. I have nothing to fear.” etc.

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