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Spiritual Isolation And Ways To Handle It

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Spiritual people often find themselves isolated from others.

Being a spiritually developed being, they find it hard to associate with those who aren’t on the same spiritual plane. While others are chasing after materialistic goals, your spiritual awakening prevents you from joining the herd and so you get rejected.

Following are some ways to deal with spiritual loneliness:

1. Reality itself is just a play in consciousness. It’s all a dream

Everything in this life is momentary. It doesn’t matter that others don’t appreciate you enough. You are meant to go on a spiritual journey and evolve into a better human being. Don’t be upset about what’s happening right now. Explore yourself and this experience and channel it to make something beautiful happen.

2. Operate from love rather than fear

Embrace love and positivity in your life and it will automatically improve every aspect of your life. Bowing down to fear and insecurity and hate will only demotivate you and make you feel worthless when that’s far from truth.

3. Go with the flow

Don’t mold yourself to fit society’s demands. You are brilliant and special the way you are. Be yourself and do what your heart says.  Find and do things that make you happy and not what makes others happy.

4. Seek others out

It’s important to build relations with those who share similar interests like you. Make friends and experience and learn new things together. Be open-minded and accept positive changes in your life.

When you hold ideas and opinions that are not conventional and do not interest most people, it is normal to feel a bit disconnected and alienated. However that doesn’t mean you’ll stop being yourself just to feel included and accepted. Be proud of you who are and the spiritual depth in you. It makes you a better person.

Realize your potential and work ahead to achieve your goals and dreams. Love others and especially yourself and follow your heart.

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1 comment

Chris April 30, 2020 - 10:45 am

This has much truth to it. I’ve been kept isolated for many years now. I haven’t one person I can relate to. (Only my 8 yr old daughter)
It’s how it’s supposed to be. Job had no human comfort, so why should I ?
Many many years of severe illness, isolation and brokenness has taught me that I have no human friends. I still served them all, when none took any effective steps to help me. However the lord was my help. No human.
He wouldn’t allow the medical system to help me whatsoever as they are beyond corrupt. He used an obscure old Dr, who was humbled as myself.
It’s part of being a disciple. So I do understand how “few” are truly prepared for their fates. That’s the hardest part to swallow, knowing that most folks will perish.
Very well put. The “Others May you cannot” poem, is the true walk of one who follows our Savior.
Sadly, in my nearly 25 years of following the lord, I’ve only met one true preacher. Only way I walk in a church building is if I’m performing work, as I’m a building contractor.
It saddens me to the point of no return, the true condition of most hearts. 😥


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