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Pisces Full Moon On September 6, 2017 – A Neptune Adventure

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by Patricia Herlevi

By the time this watery Full Moon comes along, I hope to be living in a new town in Washington State. Here’s hoping. 

Relocation aside, what can we expect for the Pisces Full Moon on September 6, 2017? Well, Mercury went direct the day prior to the Full Moon and is at 28 degrees Leo. Meanwhile, this moon chart contains another Grand Fire Trine with Mercury joining Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. Meanwhile, Saturn plays double duty since this planet is involved in a T-Cross with the Virgo Sun (discernment) and the Pisces Moon/Neptune (idealism/spirituality).

I like the Pisces Moon in theory because I was born under the rays of this Moon. However, every time the Moon transits into Pisces I fall into a deep funk because I was also born with Saturn conjunct Moon in this watery sign. The Pisces Moon asks us to reflect, to meditate, to contemplate and to take no action we will regret later. The Pisces Moon emphasizes performances, dreams, idealism, spiritual pursuits. It asks us to forgive and to have compassion for others. And we can soften up a bit until the Moon moves into fiery Aries. That’s when we learn if we actually forgive others or not.

The Virgo Sun plays the opposite role. It asks us to discern, to pick apart, to communicate in reality’s terms. The Virgo Sun does not get caught up in scams or schemes as it is an old soul because it has already been there and done that many times. It won’t get fooled again. So, here you have an idealistic Moon, an idealistic Saturn, and a practical Sun going to heads with each other. Who will win?

Probably Saturn in Sagittarius because it is in conversation with Uranus in Aries and Mercury in Leo. We have another big player here too which is Neptune wed to the Moon. This gives us Triple Pisces energy and anything carrying a Pisces’ theme is on our minds and in our hearts. Our language will reflect that. Our dreams will measure that. If you don’t like Pisces, good luck with this Full Moon phase.

Also, note that Mars is at 0 degrees Virgo. And any time a planet is at 0 degrees it is potent in that sign. Mars is fussy in Virgo, critical and scathing. It also represents impatient energy. However, Mars in Virgo also lends us energy to get tedious and detailed work done. We take better care of our bodies. We get medical checkups and we experience medical breakthroughs. Mars is in the shadow degrees of the Mercury RX so we could also receive bad news or long-awaited news. It depends on where Virgo is in your Natal Chart.

So, now with all that aside, I’m going to channel the energy I’m picking up from this Moon Chart. I see this as an idealistic time, a time of big dreams manifesting, and a time of reality checks. If you are on the right path then synchronicity occurs on a regular basis. If you’re not on the right path, you meet critical people and feel depressed. There might be some neurological conditions to tend with. Are you in the right job, right place, or right relationships? This Moon transit will answer those questions.

We also learn to stop punishing ourselves. Good things happen to bad people. Bad things happen to good people. Often times, good people punish themselves because they don’t feel like they measure up or that they give enough to the world, even when they are exhausted from their efforts on behalf of others. Look to childhood trauma for answers to these patterns. If you find that you sabotage yourself the answer lies in your beliefs. What are those beliefs? Only you know the answer to that. A Virgo Sun brings out sadomasochistic tendencies. It brings out mental illness and abuse. We must address these situations and stop denying them because we feel ashamed. Shame never healed anyone.

Mark my words, this Pisces Full Moon is about healing these old patterns, especially since Chiron is also in Pisces. It’s time to get out of denial. Virgo comes as a healer to help us do that. If you have medical conditions you ignored address those now. They are probably not as dire as you believe. Miracles can happen with this Pisces Moon.

I also hear to dream big. How big can you go? What is stopping you from living your dream life? Who do you think you are to play small? Remember the lecture by Marianne Williamson? If not, go look it up. Listen to inspiring people. Read inspiring books. Stop criticizing everything or looking for fault. That serves no one. You can do it. Whatever it is for you to do. And hearts are open now and so are minds, but don’t allow your mind to fall off a cliff–use discernment.

There is always a dark side but I don’t want to mention it here. You know what it is for you. Take advantage of this generous Moon cycle. Dreams you began last February come to fruition now. Some of you give birth to children, projects and new relationships. Foster those situations and watch them expand over the next few months. This is all for now.  Namaste.

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About the Author: Patricia Herlevi – I’m an expert astrologer, coach, and author who resides in Washington State. My brand is the Neptune Girl Wearing Space Boots. I specialize in practical, pediatric astrology and transformational astrology. I also channel angels and saints. I also have a background in the fine and performing arts as well as, journalism and community radio. Also, see Whole Music Experience also on Blogger.

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