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Three Steps To Happiness

by consciousreminder
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by Eugenio N. Diniz | The Lightworker’s Garden
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

We all judge, criticize and get into mental states that are not favorable to happiness and we hope to be happy.

We all suffer and sometimes feel happiness for different reasons.

We all feel the love and feelings contrary to it.

All of us, without exception, want happiness.

Why then does happiness seem so distant and unattainable?

Sometimes it seems like we feel it, but only for a brief moment. What is the reason for this? Why does happiness always seem to be so far away?

Simply because we do not understand it and we don’t even feel its pure essence in our hearts.

Our life is the result of what is in our hearts, of what we believe and understand.

You and I, experience what we experience because we feel it, we believe it to be real and true.

The reality of our lives is only a result of the reality that exists in our hearts.

Stop, think and feel your heart. What do you see inside it? But be honest with yourself. When you look inwardly, be impartial and sincere. What do you see?

Do you see a peaceful, serene, happy, joyful reality, feeling good with life and with a lot of unconditional love? Do not impose anything on yourself, just see yourself from a neutral perspective. What are your fears, sorrows, and happiness? Why do you feel that way?

Everything you see inside yourself (heart) is building and externalizing in your life as your daily experiences.

know yourself well, change who you are and your life will have to adjust to your new inner self.

You are the masters of your existence.

So, first know that your life is nothing less than the exteriorization of your inner reality, who you really are. All your feelings, whether they are positive or negative in nature, emotions and beliefs, the complete package.

The second step is to change yourself and stop trying to change the world. You have been doing this your entire life, unaware that the world in which you live in is a mere reflection of your inner self.

Third, be, do and live what you want to experience out there.

For what you feel, believe and think, build your reality.

We are the Pleiadians and the brothers of the new age. Here we are, with much love and joy.

Be the light, live in the light and it will light your way.

Message channeled by END.

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